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Written by Kevin P. Posted in FEATURE COLUMN

Ohmibod club_vibeWhat does it mean to be a “luxury” product?

Luxury items are often associated with wealthy or affluent people, but they really aren’t just for the rich and famous. All of us have an inclination to splurge on non-utilitarian objects to pamper and treat ourselves to something special. While spending extra money on a higher-end product can seem frivolous, there is something to be said for a product made of superior materials with beautiful craftsmanship. Not only do they just feel good, they can last a lifetime.

Ultra-luxury items come in all shapes and sizes, from super-fast sports cars that make the driver feel like James Bond to thousand-dollar handbags that turn the average fashion-lover into a haute couture diva to, you got it, a $15,000 gold-plated vibrator that offers pure indulgence.
It’s no secret that nearly every toy manufacturer has created a luxury line for their brand. The rise of the informed consumer has increased the demand for luxury toys and significantly grown this product class over the last several years. So what constitutes a luxury toy? We went straight to our Eldorado teammates for advice on what to keep an eye out for when considering luxury toys.
Jon Vogt, Eldorado’s Director of Purchasing, gave us some of the unofficial criteria a toy should have to be considered high-quality and luxurious. He broke them down into four main categories: material, features, design and warranty.
A great indication of a luxury toy is the materials it is made out of. In today’s market, with the increased awareness for what we put in our bodies, materials that are body-safe are all the rage. For most insertable luxury toys, silicone is the latest buzzword because of its silky smooth feel. Other high-end materials include stainless steel, like those found in Rapture bondage products, Master Series and Jimmyjane items. Nothing says luxury quite like genuine leather because of its durability and softness. While leather is not used in insertable products, it is often used in higher-end fetish items like Kinklab’s cuffs and blindfolds. There are even some beautifully designed hand-blown glass products that could double as a piece of art on your coffee table.
What can really distinguish a luxury toy from a basic one is the amount of functions and special features it boasts. When people purchase a luxury toy, they want more bang for their buck and that means features. Popular features found in higher-end toys include warming technology (Svakom Emma), vibration patterns to the beat of a song on the radio (OhMiBod Club Vibe), patented airflow technology for a sexy suction sensation (The Womanizer), app-enabled, Bluetooth, wireless (G-Vibe Gballs), toys that emulate the come-hither motion to mimic the feeling of fingers internally (Lelo Wave), just to name a few. Svakom’s  “intelligent mode”, found in most of their toys, is unlike any vibrating pattern you’ve ever experienced. Additionally, as convenience becomes more of a must, the days of fiddling around with batteries is drawing to an end, and USB rechargeable is king.
Not only does a luxury toy need advanced functions and features, it should come in a revolutionary design. A seamless design and attention to detail is an excellent indicator of a high-quality toy. Some impressive designs that come to mind include the We-Vibe with its unique c-shape, the Womanizer with its ergonomic suction and the Eva by Dame with its stay-in-place wings. The Kiiroo interactive masturbators have a sleek form with teledildonics technology, making it possible for couples to feel each other from across the globe.
Toys with craftsmanship and superior materials usually come with a hefty price tag and most people want to know that their investment is protected, so having a warranty is key. Warranties popular with luxury manufacturers range from one year to lifetime warranties.
So there you have it. Whether it is billion-dollar yacht or a dildo dripping in diamonds, when it comes to intimate pleasure, for inside or outside of the body, people want to spoil themselves.
There is a plethora of adult products on the market and sometimes navigating them all can be overwhelming. When considering stocking some of those higher priced items, contact an Eldorado account manager who can help you choose the right luxury items for your store.
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