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The United Kingdom. Home to the Royal Couple, Elton John and one of the most well-known intimate games for couples.
Creative Conceptions was established by Jane Bowles in 1991 when she began to produce adult novelties from her home in Nottinghamshire, UK. While working in the adult novelty industry, Jane created a concept for a couple’s board game and and decided that this was the direction she wanted to go in. After 12 months of dedicated development, Jane and her husband Richie created their now best-selling board game Monogamy: A Hot Affair … With Your Partner.
Since then, Creative Conceptions has expanded their range of innovative games and novelties while also developing a distribution network across Europe for leading adult brands. The company now has 26 staff members based in their two U.K. premises, including a dedicated U.S. team devoted to supporting their U.S.distributors for their own brand games and novelties, as well as a specific product development team.
“We are fortunate at Creative Conceptions to have grown with the expansion of the games and novelties sector over the years,” says Alix Turton-Wilson, Sales Advisor at Creative Conceptions. “The consumer is now much more discerning and demands high quality products with plenty more bang for your buck, This is something we always try to bear in mind when creating a new product.”
Creative Conceptions is the exclusive U.K. distributor for well-known brands ID Lubricants, The Screaming O and Sportsheets. In the U.S., the company works with many notable distributors like East Coast News, Eldorado, Honey’s Place, Nalpac, Williams Trading and SLS Specialty, among others. They also exclusively manufacture their own brand of condoms called Skins.
“Skins are one of the fastest-growing brands within our business, and we are seeing real growth in this area throughout Europe,” says Turton-Wilson. “We have a really strong relationship with all of our brands, in particular those that we work with on an exclusive basis.”
Because customers’ tastes are always changing, whether it be from novelty to romance to bondage, Creative Conceptions has and continues to evolve their products to meet the customers’ demands.
“As a manufacturer, we have moved from just one couple’s board game to a portfolio of over 20 products and rising, so hopefully we will continue to evolve with the games and novelties sector over the next two decades and continue to provide the consumer with what they need,” says Turton-Wison, noting that the spectrum from novelty, through romantic to bondage, is now huge and each is as well loved as the other.
But how do the U.S. and U.K. adult markets differ? It’s not so much a different taste in adult products, it’s more of a difference in the stores that makes the contrast between the two countries notable.
“U.K. stores are a lot more compact, with less space and therefore displays can be a lot busier,” explains Turton-Wilson. “In the U.S. market, retailers have a more boutique style with a lot more room to create larger displays. There are merits for both style of store. In fact, some of the smaller U.K. stores have an undisputed charm, but it must be said that the spacious U.S. stores are a fantastic retail experience. With all of that being said, we find that the consumer appetite in both the U.S. and the U.K. is moving towards a more female-friendly environment which suits the look and feel of our products.”
Monogamy is by far their best-selling romance line and their most established game due to its immersive game play and true focus on communication within a loving couple. Also very popular in the bachelorette sector is the Stick-A-Dick Hunk Edition, which, unlike a lot of “pin-the- tail-on-the-male” games on the market, is the only one that comes with re-sealable stickers for enhanced game play, a ready prepared mask and the ability to be worn by an unsuspecting bartender.
Out of all their accomplishments, the great customer response to their products and their international reach is the most admirable.
“We are really proud of the ethos that we have built together with our brands,” says Turtin-Wilson. “Our goal is to give our customers great products and great service.”

For more information, please visit for their US trade site, or for their UK trade site.


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