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Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 11.10.15 AMWith Stormy Daniels’ star at white-hot levels, It’s the Bomb relied on an “in” to bottle some of that magic.
In fact, those bottles are hitting shelves in late June.
“Truth by Stormy Daniels is a beautiful, gender-neutral, pheromone-infused cologne/perfume created for all,” says It’s the Bomb founder Susan Hughs. “It is our hope to place Truth by Stormy Daniels in every available marketplace.”
Truth will be available through It’s the Bomb’s website ( as well as through Stormy’s online store ( Additionally, Truth by Stormy Daniels will be available through purchase at many of Ms. Daniels’ personal appearances.
This serendipitous partnership arose through a mutual friend of Stormy and acclaimed adult film director and writer Michael Ninn, who has helped reinvigorate It’s the Bomb’s website. Ninn jumped at the chance to work on a project with Stormy, and after he and Susan kicked around a number of ideas, they arrived on a fragrance.
“Once we all decided that Stormy’s marketing vertical would be a gender-neutral, pheromone-infused perfume, Michael went to work on the design and packaging,” says Susan. “With a vision in mind and working around Stormy’s hectic business schedule, a long day of production ensued. With seven marketing campaigns shot, we feel that Truth by Stormy Daniels is ready for its debut.”
The move comes as Stormy Daniels’ name continues to buoy in the news, and It’s the Bomb is all too content to lock arms with celebrity.
Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 11.12.39 AM“The brand Stormy Daniels is trending everywhere, and Stormy—being the smart businesswoman that she is—realized that to create a merchandising vertical would be in her best interest,” Susan says. “It’s the Bomb is happy to be a part of her vision and hope that our partnership with Ms. Daniels will be truly successful and will lead to many more exciting new projects.
“The world’s opinions and acceptance are changing,” Susan continues. “Boundaries are shifting. Truth by Stormy Daniels is a ‘crossover’ product in many different ways. It’s the Bomb was created so that women, men and LGBT individuals feel comfortable, empowered and inspired while embracing a sensual lifestyle and we feel that the collaboration with Ms. Daniels supports our philosophy.”
As for Stormy, she says she has, unsurprisingly, been bombarded with requests and offers.
So what was it about It’s the Bomb that sold the tabloid sensation?
“I have actually turned down most of what has been thrown my way,” Stormy says. “I jumped at this opportunity though for many reasons. The first reason is that it came from a trusted friend and included the opportunity to work with Michael Ninn. He, like myself, is a crossover from the adult business yet doesn’t shy away from his roots. He likes to own both sides without shame. I like and appreciate that … not to mention he is insanely talented and I knew the product would look gorgeous, sexy and tasteful. The most important reason however, is the products themselves. They are high quality, and I look forward to collaborating further with the company—and hopefully scoring lots of freebies for myself!”

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