The Game of ... Sex!

Written by Kevin P on . Posted in KINKLY.COM

The-Game-Picture--PThe Game of Sex was created by a couple who wanted to create a game that actually appeals to both men and women. After trying a number of games on the market, they decided to make a game that does three things: actually progresses gradually as you move around the board, doesn’t have players repeat the same actions and allows players to adapt the game to fit their mood and desires.
The Game of Sex is the only game that gradually progresses from flirtatious fun to full indulgence, and features 600 sexy actions with no repeats. They can personalize The Game by choosing the pace of the game and by adding “house rules” to perfectly fit the mood of the night. The Game can be played with a partner, couples or a group. Have fun with great questions, drink challenges and then take time exploring each other and personal fantasies.  The Game of Sex is different every time it’s played, allowing them to create the sexiest night of their life.  
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