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go-stixPowerful, disposable Go Stix Vibrating Rings

The Screaming O has introduced Go Stix Vibrating Rings, powerful disposable vibrating rings with a super-slim motor. Made of non-porous ABS encased in body-safe SEBS, these portable love rings feature a uniquely tall vertical motor that can easily be adjusted for preferred positioning and better stimulation.
Go Stix Vibrating Rings are the latest of The Screaming O’s portable and disposable sex toy series, offering people of all lifestyles the powerful mini vibe for any occasion. Its lightweight and skinny motor is strategically positioned vertically for full coverage of the clitoris’ most sensitive areas, and when flipped upside down, the Go Stix Vibrating Ring can target the perineum with ease. With just a finger, users can maneuver the motor to the left, right, or up against the body to adjust firmness and placement, hitting the right spot without interruption.
Go Stix Vibrating Rings pack a powerful 13,500 RPM mini motor in their tiny shape, and are made of water-resistant ABS plastic with a body-safe SEBS sleeve, two materials that have been independently lab tested for purity, quality and body-safety.
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