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man-questionchoose the right male masturbation sleeve’s Mistress Kay offers tips to help your curious customers pick the perfect masturbator.

TV shows, movies, and the internet have been all abuzz lately about sex toys, and for good reason. Not only does a sex toy help your customer understand their orgasmic response to improve their performance with a partner, but it allows your customer to try out new types of stimulation and experience pleasure in new ways.
A male masturbation sleeve is one kind of sex toy that is often overlooked. Not only can these sleeves add a new type of sensation to your customer’s solo sessions, but some of them are designed to improve performance with a partner. Plus, sleeves allow for simple cleanup after they’re done.
Follow these “7 Steps to Choosing a Male Masturbation Sleeve” to have your customers start experimenting with their new sex toy.


1 - Decide on an orifice
 Visual elements can really enhance sexual enjoyment, which is why male masturbation sleeves come in a variety of designs. They may be designed to look like a vaginal entrance, an anal entrance or a set of lips. For those that don’t think they’d enjoy any particular look, some sleeves also come with an entrance that is neutral and functional in appearance.

2 - Pick a material
Sleeves come in a multitude of materials. Most of these materials are soft and stretchy, as these provide the most pleasure, but even they vary. Sleeves made of jelly materials are extremely affordable but sometimes have a strange odor and some people may find the texture unusual. TPE or TPR male masturbation sleeves are generally odorless and just as stretchy as jelly ones, but they may be more expensive. There are several male masturbation sleeves made from silicone, but because silicone is not nearly as stretchy, some guys have difficulty finding the perfect fit. As always, material is a personal preference. If your customer dislikes the first one they try, they should experiment until they find something they enjoy (learn more in Sex Toy Safety: A Guide to Materials).

3 - Identify the right sleeve size
Every penis is unique. For that reason, most male masturbation sleeves are made in various lengths and widths. While the average sleeve is designed for the average guy, if your customer finds that things are too snug, he may want to consider trying a different size, material or brand. Remember that stretchier material will allow the sleeve to stretch out more with use.

4 - Consider penis size
Along with the size of the masturbation sleeve itself, your customer needs to consider the size of his penis. If he wants to be able to sink fully into a male masturbation sleeve, he has to ensure that it’s at least as long as his penis - and if he want to experience the intense textures at the very end of the sleeve, ensure that the sleeve is sized accordingly. The point is not to stress about his penis length, but rather about searching for the right fit - there will be a penis sleeve that fits every customer perfectly.

5 - Decide on vibrations
There are some male masturbation sleeves that come with a vibrating function. In many cases, these vibrations come from a vibrating bullet or other toy that can be removed from the sleeve when vibrations aren’t desired. If your customer thinks the extra sensation would enhance their experience, find a toy that offers a vibration setting.

6 - Understand suction choices
Masturbation sleeves come with different suction options. Open-ended sleeves make for simpler cleanup after use, but can’t provide the same amount of suction and pressure because they don’t have a closed end. Closed-end masturbation sleeves trap air for a tighter feeling, but keeping them clean can be a bit of a pain. In some luxury items, like a Fleshlight, the amount of suction can be varied. The end cap can be removed for open-ended use and it can be tightened for closed-end use.

7 - Think about the extras
Manufacturers of male masturbation sleeves often go to great lengths to add value to your customer’s purchase. In many cases, the packaging has been designed for an arousing appearance. Some masturbation sleeves are intricately designed in the image of a famous adult star, to bring your customer’s fantasies to life. In some cases, purchase of the sleeve may include an adult DVD, or a signed picture of an adult starlet. These are all extras dependent on personal preference.

Mistress Kay has a fondness for all things sexual. With a house that’s quickly running out of room for all of her reading and vibrating pleasures, she spends her free time reading, writing, and learning about the sexual universe with her partners. She can be reached at  This article is printed with permission from, where Mistress Kay’s article also appears.


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