Are smart phones the sex toys of the future?



we vibe_phoneBecause we can't seem to get them out of our hands—or out of our faces—for more than five minutes at a time, it seems as if smart phones will connect us to just about everything in our lives. And, according to some, that will include our sex lives as well.

CNBC recently reported that smart phones, via smart phone apps that "connect" to toys, have the ability to keep couples connected.

"If one partner is away and the other is at home they can connect and share intimacy remotely," Frank Ferrari, president of standard innovation at We-Vibe, told CNBC by phone.

We-Vibe sells several devices that connect to smartphones, devices that have the ability to control vibration via the phone itself. It works over distance too, allowing someone in another location to control the toy. The app that is used to control the device also comes with a videolink feature allowing people to see each other, too. In 2015, We-Vibe reports, 1.5 million people used the app and 25 percent of those used it eight or more times.

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