Playing hard: why strokers reign supreme

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For years, even after working in adult retail shops, I had never fully wrapped my brain around the masturbation sleeve. As a female, I never felt a need to. Experience told me the customer who purchased a stroker always seemed very private, and it was as if they were not looking to have a conversation about their purchase. Then, one day while putting a purchase order together, I realized the volume of sales we had of strokers illustrated how I was underestimating what this experience must be like for guys, and I vowed to dig deeper and gain perspective.

Why do guys like strokers ?
Strokers are a great way to explore many kinds of sensations. They can give you pleasure when you don’t have a partner or don’t want a partner. A stroker can help a guy explore their sexual imagination with sensations that go beyond his own hand. A stroker can help a guy become more conscious about his body. They can slow down response, in turn bringing more blood, oxygen and pressure into the pelvis and inspire a more profound orgasm.

What are strokers made of??
It depends upon the brand and style, but Blush’s M for Men masturbation sleeves are made of real feeling, body-safe TPE. Other purchasing decisions will be based on factors like size, tightness, texture, vibration and how easy the item is to clean.

The Bestsellers are ...
What will sell best in your store will depend upon the kind of store you have created and the customers you attract. A classic store with arcades, print and porn and a primarily male customer base, will see great sales of strokers in shades of flesh that feature realistic, anatomical designs. I recommend Jasmine’s Kitty from Blush’s X5 Men collection. If you have a high-end boutique, you have more opportunities to sell unique designs that may require more engagement with customers, like the M For Men Hand Tool. If your shop is a progressive shop that stocks wide, from low- to high-end, order all the above.

Not just for single guys
I like using the word stroker, as opposed to masturbation sleeve. Stroker encompasses partner play and solo play. It encourages people to touch, stroke, play and watch. Strokers like the Goin’ Down BJ Stroker is open-ended and made to be used during oral sex! For this reason, I encourage you to be careful not to isolate your strokers in a far back corner, or in a guy-centric area of your store. Keep some in your couple’s area. The right sleeve can be a super fun way to enhance a blow job or hand job. Two dudes could use an open-ended stroker like the X5 Men FiFi Bag as a docking station, when they fit a cock in each end and kiss heads.

Sidekicks and upsells
Don’t forget to stock your stroker displays with some great items that enhance the consumer experience. Strokers sell well with quality lubes, stroker creams, toy cleaners and refreshing powders to preserve fragile materials. There’s no shame in the stroker game. It’s really fun to explore this vast category of products. Design innovations and classic styles continue to provide pleasure and profits when you order for your buying base.

Ducky DooLittle is the author of Sex with the Lights On: 200 Illuminating Sex Questions Answered. She has appeared in the New York Times, HBOs Real Sex, The Morning Show, MTV, NPR, The Howard Stern Show and Playboy TV. This article first appeared in Sign Magazine. For more information visit

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