Maia Toys to Debut Angel Vibrator at SEX Expo NY

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angel-17005-4-smallMaia Toys is thrilled to announce their return to the SEX Expo New York 2017, presented by
Chaturbate and taking place September 23-24 at the Brooklyn Expo Center.
In addition to showcasing their re-branded look and new team members to the consumer market, Maia
is excited to unveil the Angel, the latest product design to join the company's popular Diamond vibrator
Crafted in 100% medical-grade silicone, the luxurious Angel is an extra-strength, purple bullet
featuring 25 vibrating functions. Accented with a crystal gem base, the Angel is USB rechargeable and
fully submersible under water.
“The Maia team collaborated [on the Angel] because we had such a great response on our Roxie
lipstick vibe,” says Lisa Hanna, Maia's President of Sales. “We wanted to create a product that was a
little larger and more powerful at a reasonable wholesale price.”
“Embrace the Power” is the Angel's tag line, highlighting the super-powered motor packed into its'
sleek, slender shape, says the company. “It will absolutely send you to new heights of pleasure,” says
Nicole Talley, Maia's VP of Sales. “It feels light and delicate, hence the name, but packs a surprise
Maia Toys returns to the SEX Expo (formerly the SHE Expo) for the 3 rd time with high expectations for
a full house of sexual health enthusiasts. “The education at the SEX Expo along with the ability to
reach retail customers and end consumers motivates us to return every year,” says Fai Chan, Founder
and President of Maia. “We really enjoy all of the different facets that the show offers us.”
Chan and his team specially timed the release of the Angel to coincide with the SEX Expo's New York
City event. “There was no better time for the Angel to make her first debut,” say May Chan and Juliet
Go, Maia's Marketing and Trade Event Executives. “We are excited to debut at the SEX Expo because
the end consumer will have the rare opportunity to have the first look. It is our hope that customers will
spread the news about the Angel's affordable, powerful luxury experience.”
For more information on the Angel and Maia Toys' coming participation at SEX Expo NY 2017, email
President of Sales Lisa Hanna at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or VP of Sales Nicole Talley at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
For a glimpse of the Angel, check out Maia's product video on YouTube: and new product announcement: welcomes-angel?e=cda476f109

Print Signs Exclusive with Luxe Life-size, Life-like NextGen Love Dolls

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SexToyDistributing NextGen has been named exclusive distributor of new luxe life-size NextGen love dolls, hand-crafted dolls built to provide the most realistic, lifelike intimate experience possible. The collection includes four unique dolls with interactive features, including one of the industry’s first and only male sex dolls with a detachable penis that lets users interchange their favorite harness-compatible dildos.

“NextGen love dolls offer a level of realism that consumers have been waiting for at a price point that competes perfectly with the few popular love doll brands on the market today,” Wholesale Supervisor Morgan Panzino said. “They look beautiful and feel astoundingly real, thanks to their skeletal structure, position-able limbs, and firm-yet-supple skin, and allow users to construct the exact fantasy they desire.”

NextGen features four ultra-realistic models made using a proprietary TPE-based material and reinforced with a bone-like structure and intricate detail that give them a beautifully human-like look and feel: Tiffany is a slender blonde with D-cup breasts; Khloe is a curvaceous model with DDD-cup breasts; Helena is a torso-only model; and Dorian is a male model equipped with a detachable dildo that can be replaced with any harness-compatible dildo the user chooses.

All models can be penetrated orally and anally, with the female dolls featuring a tight-and-textured vagina, and come with wigs and accessories designed specifically to match each doll’s signature personality.

“Each doll is expertly made and we are particularly excited about Dorian, the male model, because of how groundbreaking and rare he is,” Panzino said. “Male sex dolls are difficult to find, and Dorian provides the same level of quality and realism that popular female dolls do but offers a very different physical experience. This gives Sex Toy Distributing an especially competitive advantage that we are particularly proud of.”

To learn more about the full NextGen collection, please contact your preferred representative or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . members receive exclusive access to the online distributor’s competitive discounts, free drop-shipping, and its 5,000-product-strong warehouse. Sign up today for immediate results!

For view the full Sex Toy Distributing catalog, please visit


Topco Sales Welcomes Business Veteran David Mellinger as CEO

Written by Sara Carter. Posted in Press Releases

Topco David MellingerTopco Sales is pleased to welcome David Mellinger as the company’s CEO, a move that further fortifies the iconic brand’s growth. The business veteran is the latest addition to the close-knit Topco Sales team as the company prepares for the next phase of restoring its prominence as an industry leader.

Mellinger’s appointment to CEO is intentionally timed for Topco Sales’ upcoming eroFame showcase, where the company will highlight the year’s product development and material innovation alongside its growing private label program. With a career that started with the famed Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie legacy and most recently involved mid-level management at Wal-Mart, Mellinger brings a fresh perspective, aggressive business plan, and cost control strategy to a brand that’s almost two years into a complete revamp.

“I have been known in my career as a team builder with big-picture leadership and I look forward to building Topco Sales into an even bigger brand,” Mellinger said. “I plan to add to Topco Sales’ talented team with a strategic and open-minded approach to keeping Topco Sales competitive in this fast-changing industry. [COO] Autumn O’Bryan has done a great job directing the team to regain Topco Sales’ prominent position in this space, and I look forward to learning from and collaborating with this talented team while putting my skills to the test as I help build the next generation of Topco Sales.”

Mellinger will focus on updating procedures and improving efficiency as part of Topco Sales’ ongoing mission to reclaim its place as a figurehead in the adult industry. Additionally, Mellinger will strengthen the B2B side of the brand’s business by combating online discounters and enforcing fair pricing to protect customers’ bottom lines.

“I was given an incredible – and challenging – opportunity to breathe new life into the iconic Topco Sales brand, and now David joins the team to help take us even further,” O’Bryan said. “His years of business experience and passion for innovation make him a strong fit for where Topco Sales is moving and I trust he can make a measurable impact on the way Topco Sales operates in this day and age. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together!”

Mellinger will be based at Topco Sales Southern California HQ and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For more information about the new direction of Topco Sales, please email Mellinger directly.


Eldorado Releases New Lesson in Elevate U™ Series

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ELEVATE U logoEldorado Trading Company, the award-winning distributor of adult toys, party supplies and lingerie, has released the tenth lesson in its award-winning e-learning series Elevate U, Plays Well with Others.

The Plays Well with Others lesson focuses on building language and information around the variety of healthy relationship styles that people can be in. Through this, retailers can help connect with, understand and affirm people in different types of relationships to help customers find the right toy for their current situation.
 "Many of us learned as children that sex is something that happens when a mommy and a daddy are very much in love, but as adults we know that dating, sexuality and desire are not nearly as simple,” mentions Erin Basler, Education Coordinator at The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health and one of the personalities of Elevate U. “In Plays Well with Others, you can expect to get a primer in the wonderful world of relationship dynamics and structures and tips on how to make your store inclusive for people with a variety of intimate partnerships."
The tenth lesson marks the end of the Intermediate level classes. Learners who have completed previous lessons and passed lesson ten will become certified as an Intermediate Level Sex Educator. 
Eldorado’s Elevate U 16-lesson e-learning series covers a variety of sexual health topics that goes beyond product focus. The lessons are intended to empower Eldorado’s retailers with accurate sexual health information so they can confidently and correctly answer sexual health related questions. With this knowledge, retailers can offer customers an excellent in-store experience in order to create repeat business, become a trusted community resource and have a competitive advantage. 
Since Elevate U’s launch at the beginning of the year, the program has received great engagement with over 500 learners enrolled in the program thus far. Recently, Elevate U won the 2017 StorErotica Award for Marketing Campaign of the Year. 
Byron Love of Guilty Pleasures in Florida commented, “Elevate U is a great resource with a unique take on training employees. It will definitely become a staple in our training program, and a requirement for our staff. Teaching health and wellness are important responsibilities for those who are selling sex toys and sexual satisfaction.”
The e-learning series is available to active Eldorado customers as an added value to working with Eldorado and lessons will continue to be released throughout the remainder of the year. For more information about Elevate U and to enroll in the program, visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . To learn more about The CSPH, please visit

Screaming O Adult Toys Pass Tests With Flying Colors; Verified Safe For Intimate Use

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MaterialVerification4The latest round of testing has once again proven that the sex-positive Screaming O product line is comprised of approved materials that are safe for intimate use. By committing to independent testing and third-party reviews for authenticity, body-safety and non-toxicity, Screaming O proudly puts consumers’ health first when creating products to elevate a healthy sex life.

As part of a mission to provide safe, affordable, and quality adult toys to all consumers, Screaming O submits products for trials semiannually. These tests focus on specific purposes which reflect requirements set by the Consumer Public Safety Improvement Act:

  • To identify the material’s chemical makeup, verifying the product’s authenticity
  • To confirm the absence of hazardous or restricted elements
  • To verify that no potentially toxic substances might leak out of the material

During the recent study, three different Screaming O materials were put to the test by independent laboratory Polymer Solutions:

  • Silicone, the flexible the material used in the Affordable Rechargeable moove™ vibrator
  • ABS, the smooth styrene which is used in the Vooom™ Bullet toy
  • SEBS, the stretchy polymer which is used in the RingO Biggies

Each material was correctly identified to be what the product claims, containing the expected ingredients, with metal levels well within the acceptable standards for healthy individuals without specific allergies. Through their commitment to transparency, Screaming O has confirmed that consumers with metal allergies or sensitivities might react to the minimal levels of Chromium in Silicone and ABS, Titanium in ABS, and Nickel in SEBS, though evidence suggests it is a minimal chance.

“Consumer trust and body-safety are top priorities for us at Screaming O,” states account executive Conde Aumann. “We remain dedicated to continuing our materials testing initiative in order to give customers the peace of mind they deserve.”

For more information about Screaming O’s materials testing program or its product line, please contact Conde at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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