STOREROTICA Names the Top 10 Most Important and Influential Women in Adult Retail

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SE Logo purpleBy the time STOREROTICA was born in 2007 (as the magazines Teeze and ASB were merged), it was obvious to everyone on its staff that the adult retail industry was in the process of a transformation on a national scale. The dingy stores of a bygone era, ones that almost exclusively catered to male clients, were completely fading from view—and that was a good thing. 

There was a tidal shift happening, and it was long overdue. Now, products for women were being designed by women. Stores increasingly employed female staff, and many were also owned and operated by women. Women were claiming store philosophies and product designs that should have “belonged” to them in the first place, and by doing so, it raised the entire industry up. 

We at STOREROTICA Magazine salute all of the women who have been a part of this transformation. In this special editorial, SE has taken this salute one step further by celebrating 10 women specifically, the “10 most important and influential women in adult retail today.” These 10 women are (in alphabetical order): 

Metis Black of Tantus; Susan Colvin of CalExotics; Suki Dunham of OhMibod; Bonnie Feingold of Honey’s Place; Sara Lee Goff of Sara’s Secret stores; Shay Martin of Vibratex; Autumn O’Bryan of Topco Sales; Julie Stewart of Sportsheets; Tristan Taormino (adult film manufacturer/producer, author & speaker); and Rachel Venning and Claire Cavanah of Babeland.

“Even in our industry that relies on the female consumer, there is still often a lack of interest in the female contribution or respect for the female leader,” says Sportsheets’ Julie Stewart. “Thank you for this acknowledgment of all of us.  It’s things like this that make STOREROTICA a stand-out of quality in our industry!”

As for who wrote the “Top 10” stories, fellow industry professionals were delighted at the opportunity to share their thoughts and personal anecdotes on each one of our Top 10 women. In short, it’s the industry that is celebrating its own.

SE’s criteria for this list was fairly straightforward. First, the person had to be from one of three positions: Industry manufacturer, industry distributor or store owner. This criteria represents the heart of the brick-and-mortar adult retail industry.  Second is the word “today.” While SE certainly could have compiled a different list of the most important and influential women in the history of adult retail, the goal was to highlight those who are currently active, women who are directly influencing the world of adult retail right now.  

“Ultimately, we feel as if this Top 10 list (and honorable mentions) does justice to the women of today’s adult retail industry,” says STOREROTICA’s Associate Publisher, Dave Manack. “We congratulate all of these women, and thank them for their contribution to the positive progression of this industry.”

To read the entire Top 10 section in the February issue of STOREROTICA, read the SE digital issue here: . For more information on SE Magazine, visit or call (727) 723-8827.


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