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EDCW-MediaOnline-LLoveboxxx-onlineThe Loveboxxx Deluxe collection is the perfect gift for any occasion, offering four different themes in stylish and discreet boxes with luxurious toys for men, women, couples and BDSM lovers and is now available at EDC Wholesale. 
Each Loveboxxx set contains high-end toys to be enjoyed alone or together. The Romantic Couples box, for instance, contains toys for a pleasurable night for two. Throw the Love Dice and follow the instructions for a sexy foreplay, he is in charge of her pleasure with a remote control egg and she can return the favor by blindfolding him with the satin mask and tease him with the feather tickler. 
The BDSM giftset takes it a step further with a flogger, faux-leather cuffs, bondage ropes, blindfold and a wand vibrator. The set contains all the tools a dominator needs to tease and please his submissive partner. 
The solo sets for men and women are filled with items for a sensational solo play or a thrilling night together. This is the perfect gift for singles, gays, travelers, lovers, sex toy beginners. Just anyone really, treat yourself or a good friend with these luxurious sets.
EDC Wholesale designed the Loveboxxx Deluxe giftset collection to satisfy him, her or them with various combinations, please go to for more information.

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