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We-Vibe launches new We-Connect app with new in-app voice, chat and video

As announced in October and highlighted on CNBC, We-Vibe has launched a brand new We-Connect app with new features including in-app voice, chat and video, and the ability to draw and save custom vibration patterns. The completely redesigned app has fresh, bright new colors, animations and better connectivity for more devices.

We-Connect launches with an in-store and digital marketing campaign entitled, “We-Connect — the app that brings couples together.” The new We-Connect app is available now in the App Stores and Google Play, and is free for new or existing customers.
“The We-Connect app has been successful beyond anything we expected,” says We-Vibe Marketing Manager, Stephanie Keating. “In the past year, the app has seen over 1.5-million uses and nearly a quarter of those customers have used the app eight or more times in the past month. We talked to those customers and to retailers and we’ve added their most requested new features in this latest update.”
With the new We-Connect app you can “touch, tease and turn her on.” Touch the screen to control the vibrations and build intensity. Tease and please with custom vibes the user creates. Turn on a lover when you’re connected and “playing” together from anywhere in the world. The new in-app voice, chat and video features help to build the excitement. We-Connect works with We-Vibe 4 Plus, We-Vibe Classic, We-Vibe 4 Plus-App Only and the We-Vibe Passionate Play Collection.
The launch includes a comprehensive marketing campaign to help retailers win new We-Vibe customers. Retailers will be able to order in-store POS merchandising kits from their We-Vibe distributor including a hanging mobile and promotional tent card. Freestanding banners, floor decals, slatwall signage and a new We-Vibe product counter display will also soon be available. Digital assets can be downloaded now from the We-Vibe Partner Center and in-store merchandising is available from authorized We-Vibe distributors.
We- Vibe products are available in thousands of retail locations in over 50 countries. We- Vibe is from Standard Innovation, a Canadian company dedicated to shaping the future of sexual health and wellness.
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