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In each issue we take an in depth look at some of the many facets of the Erotic Product Industry. We explore possibilities for products, popular techniques and the latest trends for Retailers and Vendors.

New for 2016





Ball and Chain
“Fade to Black” fantasy game

Why are you so excited about Fade to Black?
“Fade to Black is a fun-filled game of fantasy and pleasure, offering lover’s six unique shades of sexual fulfillment,” says Dawn Goodman, owner of Ball and Chain. Lover’s’ will engage in an extended session of physical intimacy while exploring all of their hidden desires, using each of the six shades categories.  
“The activity cards contained within ‘Fade to Black’ recommend the use of other intimate products such as edibles, blindfolds and arousing objects which in turn allows the sales staff to suggest and add on many other products for the consumer to purchase during their store visit,” Goodman adds. “A great way to add on sales would be to make one display that has several items that can be purchased together to create the ultimate evening of sex and romance, such as ‘Fade to Black’ game, sex toys, edibles, candles and more!”

His, Hers and Ours Kits

Why are you so excited about the His, Hers and Ours Kits?
“All our items in the Kit line are based on feedback and research about the consumers themselves, either directly or given to us from retailers,” says CalExotic’s CEO, Susan Colvin. “Overall, we found over 30 various personas and then built our Kits collection around those needs. The aim with Kits is to make the consumer more comfortable with a variety of products, so they may move from the value-seeking novice buyer to the high-value return customer.”




Doc Johnson
The Mangina

Why are you so excited about the Mangina?
“The Mangina was recently released and is quickly becoming one of our most popular items because of the incredible variety that it provides,” says Sunny Rodgers, Doc Johnson’s Marketing Director. “It’s a unique couples toy that offers multiple uses; from stroker, to dildo, to extension. The Mangina has something for everyone.
“Because of the exceptional package design, we think shoppers will be drawn to the unique appearance of the box,” Rodgers adds. “Everything from the product concept, the design and the box copy all pull together to offer shoppers something with unparalleled versatility. The Mangina offers stimulating ribs upon entry, arousing massage beads as he dives deeper and bangs against a pleasure bump for the ultimate Mangina experience.”

Maxx Men Cockties

Why are you so excited about the Maxx Men Cockties?
“The-black-and-blue, 10-function, stretch-silicone, erection-keeper adjusts comfortably to keep him rock hard while the sexy blue lips vibrate on her clit,” says Nasstoys’ Kathryn Hartman. “Manufactured in black and blue top-grade silicone reminiscent of denim and leather, this item is made for the guys and is a nice complement to the New Years Eve Party for that midnight kiss!”


Pipedream Products
Wanachi Mega Massager

Why are you so excited about the Wanachi?
“There’s truly nothing like The Wanachi Mega Massager on the market,” says Steve Sav, Pipedream’s VP of Sales. “Customers could not keep their hands off the prototype we exhibited, it was like a people magnet. We’re very excited for our retailers to profit from this must have, one-of-a-kind item.”

Novel Creations
Nu Sensuelle Rechargeable Rings

Why are you so excited about the Rechargeable Partner Rings?
“The Sensuelle Bullet Ring and Sensuelle Double Action partner rings are by far the most intense rechargeable rings being offered on the market,” says Novel Creations’ Thao Luu-Brinberg. “What differentiates our rechargeable partner rings from others already out on the market is that the bullet(s) are cylindrical with our trademark Nu Sensuelle power.  
“Both styles offer three intense speeds and four different modes,” Luu-Brinberg adds. “The motor inside the bullet is centered specifically to optimize sensations. The Double Action Bullet Ring intensifies the sensations in different erogenous zone; in addition, the material used allows for tremendous stretch and comfort.”


The Screaming O
Vooom Bullets

Why are you so excited about the Vooom Bullet?
“Vooom Bullets are true game-changers because they were developed using research regarding vibration frequency and its effects on pleasure,” says The Screaming O Account Executive Conde Auman. “Inside each Vooom Bullet is a lower-frequency motor that offers a deep rumble rather than a high-pitched buzz, which dramatically affects how it feels against our erogenous zones. Every body responds to vibration differently; some need powerful stimulation while others prefer a deeper massage-like sensation. By using data and research in our development processes, we are able to create products like this that serve a proven purpose and make it easy and affordable for our fans to explore their intimate selves.”


Why are you so excited about the Conquest?
“The unique design and technology of the Conquest will take users by surprise with its overwhelming tenderness. The specifically designed, soft-silicone mouth gives an astonishing feel against the skin,” says Shots’ Ruben Deitz. “It has a superbly shaped grip, ensuring perfect pleasure for both partners. The Conquest has a choice of two modes. The first one will deliver a smooth and sensual feel, working towards a great climax. The second mode will make things a little rougher with extra added power. If the bathroom is the playground of choice, users will be pleased to know that the Conquest is waterproof!”


Kissable Massage Creams

Why are you so excited about the Kissable Massage Creams?
“For Shunga in 2016, we’re looking forward to continued success following the fabulous launch of the Kissable Massage Creams,” says Jean-Pierre Hamelin, Shunga’s Marketing Director. “We created the new tubes with a new image, one that is much more colorful, romantic, refined and polished. For each flavor or fragrance, a different colored ‘Shunga’ is attributed, which pleases consumers. It’s the same for the Massage Candles. Our tester program also launched at the end of 2015, which is great sales tool to ease the cost of opening a standard bottle.”

“Sexperiments” Bling Cuffs

Why are you so excited about the Bling Cuffs?
“These are great beginner’s cuffs and perfect for a couple looking to add something new to the bedroom,” says Sportsheets’ Joanne Queenin. “They’re really durable and can take rough play, but they’re still super soft and flexible and are comfortable to wear. The gems give them a softer look and make them more appealing to women and those looking to add a new piece to their bondage collection.”



Why are you so excited about the Nova?
“The revolutionary Nova is uniquely designed to intensify pleasure and make the experience more intimate,” says Stephanie Curridor, We-Vibe’s Social Media and Web Coordinator. “A combination of innovative design and technology, the Nova is for new experiences and offer new levels of pleasure.”


Why are you so excited about the Quickshot?
“We have been looking forward to putting this product to market for some time,” says Brian Shubin, Fleshlight’s COO, of the Quickshot. “It encapsulates all of the best features of our award-winning products and so much more. We listened to our consumers and developed something that is undeniably going to be a major hit.  It’s compact, it feels incredible, is easy to clean, and for the first time ever, is a product that can be used for both personal and couple play.”
The Quickshot features all of the qualities of the company’s flagship product, though only half the length and offers an unobstructed exit point. Shubin and Fleshlight are confident that the abbreviated new product will be successful not only amongst their pre-existing customers but open their appeal to a far greater demographic.


New Sensations
Luxe Opus

Why are you so excited about the Luxe Opus?
“The Luxe Opus Pleasure Vibe is a new massager that’s anatomically designed to reach the elusive G-spot and stimulate the clitoris simultaneously,” says New Sensations’ Nelson Ayala. “Its unique construction allows for users to securely fit the Luxe Opus onto their fingers and effectively manipulate it into the G-spot, applying the proper amount of pressure needed for internal and external stimulation. Made of superior, super-smooth silicone, the Luxe Opus is powered by a robust dual-motor and is fully rechargeable and water resistant.”

Rianne S
Ana’s Trilogy Set II

Why are you so excited about Ana’s Trilogy Set?
“Named after the mother of all goddesses, Ana’s trilogy invites the user to discover the goddess within them,” says Célia Vargas, owner of Rianne S. “Take control with these beautiful, elegant, female products of Rianne S and get back in touch with your desires! Be comfortable in your body and with expressing your sexuality.”
The Rianne S Trilogy set includes: The Venetian-style Masque is stylish, sexy and graceful and perfect to be worn for special occasions, or to surprise and seduce her own Casanova with; the Booty Plug, in medical-grade silicone, is especially suitable for the beginner, and with its small size it can more easily explore the body and those undiscovered erogenous zones; breasts are the “holy grail” of every woman, and Nipple Jewels can make them even more beautiful.


The Womanizer

Why are you so excited about The Womanizer?
“The revolutionary womanizer technology enables the clitoris to be stimulated without contact for the first time,” says Womanizer’s Ryan Poirer. “Therefore, there is a new pleasure experience and no more over-stimulation of the clitoris. Orgasms, which up until now haven’t been experienced in this way, this powerful or as often. Many women get a completely new orgasm feeling. The womanizer, with its new technology and the way it works, is the gentlest and, at the same time, most powerful stimulation device in its segment.”

Wet Unicorn Spit

Why are you so excited about Unicorn Spit?
”Retailers are already loving Wet Unicorn Spit,” says Wet’s Jennifer Martsolf. “This is going to be your staff’s favorite add on sale.  It’s a novelty but it still a high quality flavored lubricant with an amazing donut flavor!  Ethically sourced, Unicorn Spit is ‘rare’ so this a limited-edition release. Get it while it’s hot!”


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