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Do you have a Product, a Service or a Message that you need to get published on a high traffic site? We have a solution for YOU! Submit your news here FOR FREE! All companies who would like to submit their press release for possible inclusion on should send their release directly to SE's PR Director, Kristofer Kay, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please include a photo and any pertinent contact information.

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New from ORION Whole…

New from ORION Wholesale: BELOU – An Amazing Invention in a Beautiful Design

ORION’s product managers work together with inventors when developing innovative, new sex toys. The latest result is the sensational sex.....

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A new survey conducted by adult novelty manufacturer CalExotics at Harvard Sex Week earlier this month reveals that fetishes are much more.....

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Entrenue Named Exclu…

Entrenue Named Exclusive U.S. Distributor of ‘Warm Human’ Wearable Aromatherapy

Entrenue has been named exclusive U.S. distributor of Warm Human, brand new wearable aromatherapy balms made using high-quality true oils,.....

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SexToyDistributing.c… Makes it Easy to Build Your Own Pro-level Dungeon

Sex Toy Distributing is now shipping the Kennel, Obedience sex bench, and The Dicktator sex machine – three new pieces.....

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Adding a press release is easy, Just follow our detailed step-by-step guide.
Our Press Release system allows you to add custom content to your press release and is indexed by search engines and other sites!

The very first thing you need to do before starting is prepare your content. Please have your images, videos and your text ready to be entered.

NOTE: All submitted articles MUST contain at least ONE image to be published!

  1. Fill in the TITLE of the Article, this is the title that everyone will read.
  2. Fill in an AUTHOR NAME
  3. Add your EMAIL ADDRESS. (this will NOT appear on the article)
  4. Select a CATEGORY
  5. Enter your INTRO TEXT
INTRO TEXT is short bit of text that is used to describe your story. This is typically just the first couple of sentences of your main story. We use this snippet of your story to display the article in various areas around the site including the front page, It also contains your article's image.
  1. Type your INTRO TEXT. Keep this short and sweet just the first few sentences from your MAIN STORY. If copying and pasting, DO NOT COPY FROM WORD! You must copy and paste from only TEXT documents. So copy any text from Word to a Notepad document first! (due to browser variations, using the keyboard copy and paste commands is recommended ie: COPY: Ctrl & C , PASTE: Ctrl & V)
  2. Next we are going to add an image to the INTRO TEXT. All articles must be submitted with an image!
  3. Put your cursor before the FIRST WORD in your INTRO TEXT.
  4. Click the IMAGE MANAGER ICON imgmanager ext, this will open the IMAGE MANAGER.
  5. In the IMAGE MANAGER you will see many images, these are images other users may have uploaded for their stories, your images from previous entries will be stored here in case you want to come back and re-add your story you wont have to upload it again.
  6. To view the image by thumbnail instead of by name click this icon img manager thumbs Now you should be looking at a grid of tiny images.
  7. To UPLOAD an image click the upload icon img manager uploadThe IMAGE UPLOADER will open.
  8. Click BROWSE to find an image on your computer.
  9. Click OPEN on the popup box once you have selected your image.
  10. Your image will be uploaded and resized to fit the site, Ideally you want to initially upload a large image. A good size is 600x800 or similar.
  11. The THUMBNAIL box is already checked and your image will be automatically thumbnailed to a proper size during its upload.
  12. Click UPLOAD, you will see a progress meter and after the upload completes the uploader will disappear and after a short pause the IMAGE MANAGER will return.
  13. From the images list select the image that you just uploaded.
  14. Next we need to add an animation effect so your image pops up full size when a user clicks on it.
  15. Click the popups tab at the top of the image manager
  16. Select POPUP TYPE as JCE MediaBox
  17. Scroll this window down and select MEDIA TYPE as IMAGE
  18. Click your image again from the list below.
  19. When asked if you would like to use the associated thumbnail CHOOSE YES.
  20. Click INSERT at the bottom of the window.
Your thumbnailed image will now appear in the INTRO TEXT box before the text you just added.

This is the meat of your story, it contains your full text, more images, links and even videos. You may even be more creative and add basic html elements if you want to.
 a. In the MAIN BODY TEXT are simply add the remaining text from your article. There is no need to re-add the Intro Text.
 b. If you want to add additional images, follow the same procedure as above that you did to add the intro image. There is no limit to the amount of content you can add. You can add full size kimages or popup thumbnail images as you did in the intro.
 c. Adding Video is very similar to adding images, just use the video upload icon instead, This will allow you to upload a video directly or embed one from Vimeo & Youtube. You cannot add a video in the Intro Text area, but you should add a representative thumbnail and lnk it to your video.

Add at least 5 and no more than 10 keywords about your company, product or service, you should include your company name as a keyword
example: keyword1,keyword2,keyword3,keyword4,keyword5

Add a brief description, this will be loaded into your article as the "meta-description" this is what search engines will possibly index from your article.
You can just use the Intro Text from your article if you like but try to keep this no more than 160 characters long.

9. Enter in the Verification Code (If you cannot read the code click the little refresh icon on the right.)

10. Once you are satisified with your article then Click SUBMIT.

Your article will be uploaded and the StorErotica Staff will be notified, after your story is reviewed and if approved it will be published and then appear on the front page of the site as well as any other area that we designate for Press Release to appear, It will stay on these pages until it is pushed further down the list by other Press Release entries. There is no limit as to how frequent that you can submit your article to us. Articles are published on a first come first serve basis.

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