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Written by Lacy Empkey. Posted in Press Releases

144669 r3 copy copy copyCHARLOTTE, N.C. — RealTouch has unveiled its latest product, RealTouch Interactive, that promises true Internet sex with its specially designed joystick operated by live webcam models.

Using capacitive sensing technology, RealTouch Interactive can sense anything a live model does to the joystick and transmit it through the Internet to a RealTouch device.

“RealTouch Interactive is an amazing step forward for RealTouch, which is already the most advanced in the industry,” said Scott Rinaldo, sales manager for RealTouch.

The RealTouch, an award-winning interactive masturbator for men, creates a web-based virtual sex experience using patented haptic technology that simulates the authentic warmth, moistness and relatie motion in thousands of adult videos.

RealTouch synchs with programmed adult videos as well as live cam models so the user can experience realistic oral, anal and vaginal sex with the world’s hottest performers.

The RealTouch JoyStick is a remote control for RealTouch that a live webcam model uses to arouse customers.

The technology that makes the RealTouch JoyStick work is similar to that used on a touch-screen device, and whatever the model does, the other use sees and feels.

RealTouch Interactive is in its beta stage.


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#1 Candi 2012-03-30 03:45
OMG I so want one!! Industry inside scoop: will be testing this device with their webcam models soon..

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