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rubber-mask copySLS Specialty Named Exclusive U.S Distributor of Titus Fetish Collection
Boutique distributor expands specialty & fetish markets with popular British brand
HOUSTON – March 25, 2013 – SLS Specialty has signed an exclusive with British specialty brand Titus to bring a selection of its unique leather, rubber and steel products to the U.S. adult retail market. Strengthening its reputation in the fetish world, SLS Specialty is proud to bring this quality collection to its retail supporters and enhance their current fetish inventories with this popular British brand.
Titus is a new “Made for Men” brand comprised of innovative fetish tools that cater to a variety of sexual lifestyles and interests. With a product line featuring medical grade steel cock rings, quality latex apparel and accessories, and leather studded fetish garments, Titus has something for every man – and SLS Specialty is the only U.S. distributor to stock it.
“SLS Specialty is proud to bring Titus to our U.S. clients and further expand our reach in the specialty and fetish markets,” SLS Specialty CEO Shane Nelson said. “Titus keeps branding, packaging and merchandising in mind during the development process and provides sales tools essential to making the sale. We look forward to seeing Titus make its mark across the pond!”
Titus creates specialty adult products with an emphasis on quality and affordability using nickel-free stainless steel, hand-crafted leather, hand-finished latex and other premium materials. And supported by SLS Specialty’s vast knowledge of the U.S. market’s unique needs, Titus is poised to become a must-have brand for retailers looking to attract a broader male demographic.
Order now to take advantage of SLS Specialty’s pricing discounts! Please call (866) 379-2699 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
SLS Specialty is a boutique distributor that focuses on marketing and promoting full-line brands of adult products, including sex toys, apparel and accessories for sexual enhancement. SLS stocks only the hottest, most in-demand names in adult and works one-on-one with retailers across the U.S. to give them the information, products and sales tools they need to do business better.

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#1 nadezhda dovgal 2013-04-25 17:58
Erotic project X'show, International Specialized, exhibition for adults, Moscow, Russia,
Dear Sirs!
We’d like to invite you to participate in the XII International Specialized erotic project X'show, exhibition for adults,
The event has the format B2B & B2C.
The specialized exhibition “X’show”– was first introduced back in 2002 as “Eros Moscow”. The exhibition today is the annual multiproduct adult project in Russia.
The “PROEXPO Ltd.” company manager, is a UFI member and a well-known Russian company in the field of exhibition management.
Venue: Exhibition Centre, TVK T-Modul, 1Tishinskaya sq., Belarusskaya metro station, Moscow, Russia
Time: May 31th - June 2 th 2013
Working hours: May 31 th - June 1 th 11 am – 3 pm B2B, 3pm – 10 pm - for all comers
June 2 th 11am – 10 pm for all comers
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