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SE Special Focuses for 2019

February Issue: Deadline: January 1
The Levels of Lube
The best-of-the-best lube in each segment

Water-based, silicone-based, organic, flavored, anal …
with so many different types, brands and uses for personal lubrication available, it’s not easy for customers, store owners and their staff to stay on top of this thriving product segment. Our SE Special Focus will help cut through the seemingly unending list of lube products and varieties to identify the best in each segment.


April Issue: Deadline: March 1
Redefining “Extreme”
What today’s BDSM section looks like

Restraints/Cuffs • Leather Bondage • E-Stim • S&M
Not all that long ago, bondage and S&M products were relegated to the back of adult retail stores, tucked in a corner and kept away from more “mainstream” adult toys. Today, the BDSM segment is more mainstream—yet also more “extreme”—than ever before. Exactly how extreme is extreme BDSM in 2019? That’s the question that SE’s Special Focus, Redefining “Extreme,” aims to answer.

June Issue: Deadline: May 1
Wand-er Lust
The industry’s top wands

It’s all about wands!
Ask almost any women who’s used one, and there’s something very “magical” about the wand. Which is precisely why several toy manufacturers now have their own version of this time-tested turn-on toy. Our SE Special Focus, Wand-er Lust, will showcase the newest wand toys on the market, while SE readers will reveal their top sellers.

August Issue: Deadline: July 1
Stuck in the Middle with You
How distributors can make retailers better

Profiles on the industry’s top distributors
Distributors have always been a vital cog in the adult retail wheel. They are the “middle man,” serving both the manufacturers and the stores & buyers. When they do their jobs well, it helps everyone involved to become more successful and to further build their brands. Our SE Special Focus, Stuck in the Middle With You, will detail the ways in which distributors are adapting to new technologies and methods to better service the adult retail community.

October Issue: Deadline: September 1
Under Pressure
Why male pumps are all the rage

Penis pumps • Penis enlargement products And: Clitoral pumps • Nipple pumps
While it has become clear that toys for men have become one of the fastest-growing product segments in adult retail, there is one specific product that has had a particularly robust reception: Pumps. Sold everywhere from Walgreens to your store, penis pumps have entered the mainstream and have a multitude of uses. Our SE Special Focus, Under Pressure, will explain what separates one brand and style from another.

December Issue: Deadline: November 1
The Pleasure Principle
The evolution of clitoral stimulation

Clitoral stimulators • Air stimulators Clitoral vibes • Clitoral bullets
The clitoris is the only part of a woman’s body whose sole purpose is pleasure. It’s no surprise, then, that the fastest-growing segment of toys for women are clitoral stimulators. But which ones are the must-carry products for your store? Our SE Special Focus, The Pleasure Principle, will present the top clitorial stimulator brands, while store owners will tell us which of these products are flying off of their shelves.

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