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SE Special Focuses for 2020

February Issue: Deadline: January 10
The ABC’s of CBD

No matter where you go they’re the three letters you can’t seem to escape: C-B-D. With the prevalence of CBD products into our daily lives, it was only a matter of time before adult retailers began integrating these goods along their store shelves. In this Special Focus we will spotlight those adult vendors who are offering the latest CBD products and speak to store owners who have already reaped the benefits.

#CBD #natural #edibles #oils #lubricants #creams #pillpacks #tinctures #gummies

April Issue: Deadline: March 10
The (Pro)state of the Union

With prostate toys continuing to gain consumer acceptance, this Special Focus will take a deeper look at which companies are creating the most innovative products for this ever-growing niche of adult retail, as well as get feedback from brick and mortars to find out which brands are stimulating that special spot of men nationwide.

#prostate #Anal #dildos #buttplugs #vibrators #beads #plugs

June Issue: Deadline: May 10
Elixirs of Intimacy

There is but one certainty in adult retail: Lube is life. But in this Special Focus, we will highlight the liquids, creams and lotions that are everything but that one essential item, including massage and body oils, masturbation creams, delay sprays and enhancement lotion. Consider them lube’s second cousins, but still must-have items for any adult store—and any bedroom.

#massage #cream #olis #sprays #gels #bath #enhancement #lotion

August Issue: Deadline: July 10
Are you strapped in?

Here’s another niche sector of your store that, if done right, has really experienced strong growth over the years with even more to come. Once marketed as devices for lesbian couples, strap-ons and harnesses provide safe alternatives for fantasy play used by all lifestyles. In this Special Focus we examine how far the sector has come and what companies are doing to evolve the standard strap-on into something far more pleasurable for your customers.

#strapon #harness #kit #dildo #pegging #Strapless #leather

October Issue: Deadline: September 10
The Sweet Suffering

Recent months have seen a great deal of hype surrounding c-rings and chastity devices. While this explosion of this market segment may seem a bit befuddling—they’re not as widely acknowledged as female toys—retailers won’t deny sales figures when it comes to these devices.
Technology has finally caught up with the ability to provide men with “sweet suffering,” both pleasure and punishment, and this Special Focus will highlight the best of the bunch.

#cockrings #ring #erection #chastity #bondage #vibration #silicone #cage #enhancer

December Issue: Deadline: November 10
Shock and Awe

Erotic electrostimulation––commonly spoken as ‘electrosex’––continues to grow in popularity as more manufacturers unveil toys that take sensory overload to higher levels through safe electrical current. These types of tinglers now include: wands, anal toys, kits, sleeves, c-rings, claps, and kegel balls, vibes and much more. In this Special Focus we feature the latest in e-stim mechanics and talk to retailers to find out if the e-stim phenomenon will continue to charge on.

#estim #electrostimulation #wands #vibes #sensoryplay

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