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SE Special Focuses for 2021

February Issue: Deadline: January 10
Sending Positive Vibes!

A list of the newest & best wireless toys
Today there is an app for nearly everything, including sex toys. Adult manufacturers are integrating Bluetooth technology into their latest creations, evolving the field of teledildonics. In this Special Focus, we highlight the products made for partners who are maintaining social distancing and can’t otherwise be connected the old-fashioned way.

#app #wireless #bluetoothtoys #couplestoys

April Issue: Deadline: March 10
Pleasure is Worldwide!

Top foreign manufacturers to order from
Two decades ago the majority of sex toys along your slat walls were all made in China. But products are now being purchased that have decisively different places of origin. SE selects a chosen few manufacturers from around the globe who are helping expand the international offerings found in stores across the US.

#manufacturer #foreign #europe #southamerica #global

June Issue: Deadline: May 10
Blow Their Mind!

The newest & best air-pressure toys
The standards of vibrators will never cease: they vibe, they thrust, they pulse, they pound. But today a different type of toy tech adds to that by, quite literally, sucking. The new wave of air- pressure toys utilizes a suction method to stimulate a woman’s clitoris. SE spotlights which companies have the best toys for customers who want something more than typical vibrations.

#airpressure #clitorialstimulation #suction #externaltoys

August Issue: Deadline: July 10
Everything Goes Better with CBD!

The latest products
CBD has found a home within adult retail stores. In this Special Focus, we will continue to discuss CBD use in products that are specifically marketed inside adult retail: lubricants, lotions, oral spray., etc. As stores expand their CBD selections, adult brands will continue to create CBD-based products that aid with the body and mind.

#CBD #massageoil  #gel #cream #lubricant #lotions #bathproducts

October Issue: Deadline: September 10
All Tied Up!

The best-selling restraint wear on the market
Handcuffs can have different meanings to different people. If worn on the street then you’re f*cked, but if worn in the bedroom you’re screwed — but in that good way! In this Special Focus, we’ll focus on cuffs, restraints, ropes, kits, and other products that test the tiers of kink and help consumers explore the wonderful world of bondage play.

#cuffs #restraints #rope #softbondage #beginner #kits

December Issue: Deadline: November 10
Male Intuition!

Top male-centric product manufacturers
James Brown sings it’s a man’s world, but in adult retail it really never has been. But as manufacturers move the needle farther into the field of sexual wellness, product ranges for men are evolving just as quickly as those for females. We talk trends and new tech with the makers of the industry male-centric toy collections.

#prostatetoys #masturbators #sleeves #C-rings #pegging #dolls

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