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SE Special Focuses for 2022

February Issue: Deadline: January 10
Much More Than the Middle Man!

For manufacturers and retailers alike, distributors are a crucial cog in their wheel. In some ways, distributors are the wheel that keeps the adult retail industry turning. In this issue, the industry’s distributors will greet the new year and SE readers with their company’s latest news — new lines they’re carrying, new training and marketing tools they’ll make available to retailers, and so much more! Plus, retailers will have the opportunity to make suggestions that may bolster the relationships between stores and distributors.


April Issue: Deadline: March 10
The Evolution of Lube!

Silicone-based, water-based and hybrid: For years, those were the only choices that consumers had when it came to choosing personal lubricants. But that was then — and this is now. In 2022, the choices in lube are more diverse than ever before, as this lucrative product category continues to evolve. In this issue, we’ll highlight the newest and most popular brands and types of personal lubricant, with a special concentration on what’s new to the category.


June Issue: Deadline: May 10
The “Unsung Heroes” of Adult Retail

They’re the unsung heroes of the adult retail industry, rarely getting the attention that their efforts deserve. Until now, that is! This issue’s Special Focus isn’t on a product line or an emerging technology, it will instead highlight the important individuals who contribute mightily to the success of the companies that they call home. Who are the “best salespeople in the industry”? Find out in our June 2022 issue!


August Issue: Deadline: July 10
The Best of “Boutique”

A few years ago, STOREROTICA introduced its “Boutique Brand of the Year” Award, an award designed to highlight the companies that might only manufacture a handful of products or serve a very specific industry “niche.” Now, we’re bringing the spirit of that SE Award to the pages of the magazine, with our Special Focus on the industry’s top boutique brands. These brands may seem small, but what they offer is huge!


October Issue: Deadline: September 10
The Top Foreign Manufacturers

As new products are continually being released in the adult novelty industry, it isn’t easy to keep up with what’s happening in Canada or “across the pond” in the U.K. and Europe. Who are the emerging brands our readers NEED to know about?This Special Focus will narrow this list of companies down to the best of the best: The Top European brands that are available to U.S. retailers today.


December Issue: Deadline: November 10
Lingerie’s Love Letter

As we ring in the new year and stores ramp up for Valentine’s Day, what better time to showcase the industry’s newest and most alluring lingerie brands?! This Special Focus will highlight not only the top styles for the lovers’ holiday, but showcase the brands that retailers continually have the most success with.


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