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SE Special Focuses for 2023

February Issue: Deadline: January 10
Pleasure and Pain!

Though “Fifty Shades of Gray” opened many women up to experiment with bondage play, there is so much more to BDSM than blindfolds and satin wrist ties. In this Special Focus, we’ll be diving fearlessly into the more “advanced” levels of BDSM, as we showcase the most popular — and the most “extreme” — products available to stores today.


April Issue: Deadline: March 10
A Source of Pride!

A vital market segment for all adult retail stores is the LGBTQ community. Over the past several years, a more concerted effort has been made to create products and packaging meant to specifically cater to this demographic. In this Special Focus, we will highlight the industry’s brands that are most dedicated to — and offer the top products for — their LGBTQ clientele.


June Issue: Deadline: June 15
The 2023 ANME Program Guide

In lieu of a Special Focus in our June 2023 issue, we’ll be busy preparing the Official Program Guide for the 2023 ANME Show in Burbank, California! This Guide will showcase the 2023 STOREROTICA Award Nominees, as well as the ANME exhibitors and all of the show information attendees will need to navigate the pleasure product industry’s number-one convention!


August Issue: Deadline: July 10
Prostate Awareness Month!

September is Prostate Awareness Month, so what better time to bring attention to not only prostate health but prostate pleasure! Prostate stimulation can be so enjoyable that some sexual health experts have dubbed the prostate the “male G-spot.” In fact, the prostate contains almost as many nerve endings as there are in the clitoris. In this Special Focus, we’ll highlight the many variety of prostate stimulators … and don’t worry, we won’t forget the lube!


October Issue: Deadline: September 10
Just Hear Those Registers Jingling!

Retail stores wait eagerly each year for the sounds of jingling and ring-ting-tingling — and we’re not talking about sleigh bells! The holiday season can bring new customers and big sales to adult retail, but in order to fully take advantage of the holidays stores must have the right products merchandised in the right way. In this Special Focus we’ll showcase the must-have holiday products that will provide a happy ending for 2023!


December Issue: Deadline: November 10
Welcome the lusty lovers!

For most adult retail stores, couples are much sought-after demographic. And what better time to attract these lovers than Valentine’s Day? With so many products available to couples — from lingerie, lube and toys to high-tech devices intended for long-distance encounters — there’s something for every couple of virtually every level of experience. In this Special Focus we’ll present the most popular pleasure products available for those lusty lovers.


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