(Note: This story appears in the February 2021 issue of SE Magazine)

Imagine a 5-foot 6, 125-pound Jenna Foxx on
a 1,000-plus-pound steed. And no, that’s not a euphemism dripping with exaggeration. Foxx, a rising adult film entertainer, is also a rodeo horse barrel racer. That means Foxx mounts a horse and zips around preset barrels in a triangular pattern in the fastest time possible.

You can imagine the possibility for injury in that sport— again, note the horse outweighs the Foxx by about 900 pounds—but also the adrenaline surge rounding those barrels must generate.

Jenna Foxx Main Squeeze

It was probably partly that moxie that led Foxx to be Doc Johnson’s choice as its first Main Squeeze and Signature Stroker in their chocolate-colored material.

“We want to make sure our lines are representative of the industry and the world at large,” says Scott Watkins, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Doc Johnson.

Thao Dipolito, Marketing Manager for Doc Johnson, surveys the industry, seeing which adult entertainers, social media influencers and celebrities are prolific with mass audience appeal.

“We also get hundreds of suggestions and recommendations from consumers of who they would love to see molded,” Dipolito says. “I look at those suggestions alongside talent who have been trending, and of course who our current talent has recommended. All of those factors led us to Jenna.”

“Our ULTRASKYN material is the most lifelike and realistic on the market. They sell so well because they combine fan- favorite stars with the high-quality products that consumers have come to expect from DOC JOHNSON.” — Cheryl Hanslip


Foxx joins Bridgette B and Adira Allure as the January 2021 ANME additions to the Main Squeeze and Signature Stroker lines. Previous class members include Karlie Redd of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta,” social-media star @brittanya187, and dozens more.

Between millions of followers and a slew of adult entertainment industry awards, Doc Johnson continues 
its tradition of top-line products. Main Squeeze is Doc Johnson’s line of hard-case strokers which feature a squeezable grip, hence the name, and a suction-adjusting cap to vary each stroke. The proprietary ULTRASKYN sleeves provide a lifelike feel that replicates the natural feel of skin. Each Main Squeeze features a different textured interior, making each experience unique.

Signature Strokers are also handcrafted from ULTRASKYN, but in a smaller, palm-sized format. Like the Main Squeezes, each interior has its own texture.

“Our ULTRASKYN material is the most lifelike and realistic on the market,” says Cheryl Hanslip, Director of Product Development at Doc Johnson. “They sell so well because they combine fan-favorite stars with the high- quality products that consumers have come to expect from Doc Johnson.”

The fan-favorite talent includes Ricky Johnson and Seth Gamble, the two new additions to the Signature Cock line. “Ricky and Seth came highly recommended from inside the industry and out,” says Dipolito. “They have each won many industry awards and were a delight to work with.”

Johnson and Gamble, as well as Foxx, Bridgette B, and Allure, were molded before March 2020, pre- dating any necessary COVID lockdown measures. Dipolito said the products’ unveilings at January’s virtual ANME show made sense because they are such well-known lines.

“Main Squeeze, Signature Stroker, and Signature Cocks are already well-respected within the industry and by consumers,” Hanslip says. “While we would always prefer to see our distributors and retailers face-to-face so they can feel and test out products themselves, we knew that anybody familiar with Doc Johnson would know the quality of the lines, so these releases would be just as well-received as they would at a standard in-person show.”

From a sales perspective, Doc Johnson wants to make sure that distributors and retailers are as familiar with each individual star as possible. Foxx is a Canadian barrel racer; Bridgette B is a Spanish podcast host with her own brand of lube, and Adira is a performer and director.

“We want people selling to know that each toy is unique—not just in physical texture or shape, but that each person we sign has their own personality,” says Watkins. “Part of the fantasy is knowing what you like. Jenna, Bridgette, and Adira are all incredible in their own ways; they’re not just interchangeable toys.”

It doesn’t hurt that these releases come at a time of unprecedented success for the adult novelty industry. Forbes recently cited an anonymous global survey where 62% (of respondents) said that they already own sex toys and, of the ones who didn’t, more than half planned to purchase them during the quarantine. The story by Bruce Y. Lee continued to say that even people who already use toys are using them much more frequently.

“People are home; people are bored and looking to feel good,” Watkins says. “We expect a lot of success from this class and are excited to see the reception of these new five Doc Johnson stars.”

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