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SE Special Focuses for 2024

February Issue: Deadline: January 10
The “Boutique” Brands of Altitude!

The Altitude Intimates Show in Las Vegas is a showcase not only for intimate apparel companies but for “boutique” toy companies who have the ability to showcase their products — and their brand — to store owners & buyers from across the US. In our February issue’s Special Focus, we’ll be highlighting the boutique brands our readers need to know about prior to this year’s Altitude Show, which is scheduled for February 26-28 at Paris in Las Vegas.


April Issue: Deadline: March 10
Smoke Signals!

According to one leading industry distributor, 50% of their adult-store clients are now selling “smoke” products of one kind or another. And it’s reciprocal: Smoke shops are now selling their fair share of adult products. In our April issue (yes, it’s 4/20 after all!), STOREROTICA is leaning back into smoke products in a big way with this Special Focus.


June Issue: Deadline: May 10
Cabinet of Curiosities

Not every adult product is strictly designed for pleasure — sometimes, they’re designed for … well, the novelty factor. Or, they’re meant to generate a “wow” from customers. Whether it’s “creature cocks,” fantasy dildos, masturbators and/or wearables, the products found in our “Cabinet of Curiosities” are the subject of our June issue’s Special Focus. (Note: This issue will be displayed at the July 2024 ANME.)


August Issue: Deadline: July 1
Never Enough of the Butt Stuff!

As we all can surely recognize by now, back-door pleasure is not reserved for gay men, or women, or trans men and women. Any person can enjoy anal stimulation, no matter what their sexuality. In this Special Focus (which also precedes Prostate Awareness Month in September), we’ll look at toys specifically meant for the back door, including prostate toys, anal plugs and much more.


October Issue: Deadline: September 10
Sweet Sensations!

Restrain a sense to heighten the others — that’s the name of the game in sensory play. In our “Sweet Sensations” Special Focus, we’ll examine all of the items available to heighten senses while depriving others — blindfolds, ball gags, handcuffs and more will be on display as we explore the products that lead the way in the world of sensory play.


December Issue: Deadline: November 10
Pleasure for Every Body!

Every person deserves the opportunity to feel pleasure, to feel sexy and desired. For some people, however, this quest can be a challenge. Whether it’s finding intimate wear that fits properly, or finding products that can accommodate those individuals who are physically handicapped, our “Pleasure for Every Body” Special Focus will highlight those products that are available for EVERY body to experience the pleasure they’re seeking.


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