highly effective erotic retail

Written by Gary Krupkin. Posted in RETAIL EDGE

re 7habits aug11 Page 17 habits of highly effective erotic retail associates

No matter how many years of experience you or your sales associates may have, a refresher course in how to provide personalized customer service is never a bad thing. As retailer Gary Krupkin explains, it’s the human touch that will separate you from the competition.


how to harness the power

Written by Rick Segel. Posted in RETAIL EDGE

re addon aug11 Page 1Do your salespeople know how to harness the power of the add-on?
From retail expert Rick Segel’s new book The Retail Sales Bible, here is a chapter specifically about the power of add-on sales. Do your salespeople know how to turn a one-transaction sale into a multiple sale?


Eye Candy

Written by Anne Hodder. Posted in RETAIL EDGE

re eyecandy aug11STOREROTICA Columnist Anne Hodder provides a few tips in making the most of all that free signage you have lying around your store.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there are a lot of sex toys out there. Stretchy ones, loud ones, squirmy ones. Some look the same, others look like something your teething Chihuahua might chew.

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