1. Clean your hands thoroughly

It’s great to get caught up in the moment, even when its your own, but remember to wash your hands before you dig in, so your relaxation doesn’t risk infection.

“Your hands can accumulate various bacteria, virus, dust and dirt,” says Healthshots. “Prior to masturbation, ensure that you clean your hands to prevent the entry of harmful bacteria and germs into the vagina, reducing the risk of infection. Additionally, it’s essential to clean your hands after masturbation as well.”

2. Short and neat nails are a good idea

Lesbians know this rule best, but this applies to all people with vaginas!

“For many women, hands, and fingers are common tools for masturbation,” says Healthshots. “So, simply washing your hands isn’t sufficient. It is crucial to maintain clean nails as well. While long, beautiful nails are appealing, they can harbor germs. The vaginal skin is delicate, so using long nails during masturbation can lead to potential cuts. Furthermore, inserting fingers can cause inner skin to peel and heighten the risk of infections and inflammation. Therefore, always keep your hands clean and your nails short to safeguard your vaginal health.”

3. Use body-safe sex toys

Of course, we recommend anyone of the fantastic and health-conscious options advertised in STOREROTICA Magazine!

“If you’re new to masturbation, it’s best to start with your fingers and then gradually incorporate sex toys for added pleasure,” says Healthshots. “However, selecting the right sex toy is crucial. Do some research to make an informed choice, and if needed, consult your gynecologist for guidance.

“Keep in mind that materials like latex and plastic in sex toys can easily accumulate dust, dirt, and bacteria. So, it is essential to clean them thoroughly before each use to prevent potential infections. If you use lubricant, clean the toy immediately after use, and ensure it’s properly cleaned before the next use.”

4. Choose quality lubricant

Might we suggest pjur or Swiss Navy?

“Using various lubricants can harm the cell lining of the vagina and rectum, elevating the risk of contracting STIs,” says Healthshots. “Additionally, chemical-rich lubricants can trigger allergic reactions in women. Therefore, it’s crucial to make a wise choice when selecting a lubricant.”

5. Breathe deep to go deep

“Your mental state plays a crucial role in the quality of your masturbation experience,” says Healthshots. “Deep, slow breathing and relaxation techniques can enhance pleasure and mood. Stress and anxiety can hinder your ability to fully enjoy the moment, so take a few moments to center yourself before starting. This can make a profound difference in your mood-enhancing experience.”

6. Avoid using household goods like fruits and vegetables for masturbation

Seriously, just use body-safe sex toys!

“Some women use fruits and vegetables such as zucchini, cucumber, or bananas for masturbation,” says Healthshots. “If you’re among them, it’s important to stop doing this immediately. Many of these items are treated with pesticides, and simply rinsing them with water isn’t sufficient to eliminate bacteria and germs. This could potentially lead to severe vaginal infections. Therefore, it’s strongly advised to refrain from using them altogether.”

7. Don’t forget to pee!

You’ve surely heard this one before.

“Similar to the recommendation of urinating after penetrative sex, it’s advisable to urinate after masturbation as well,” says Healthshots. “This helps expel bacteria and germs from the vagina without them entering the bladder, effectively reducing the risk of infection.

8. Mixing vaginal and anal pleasure requires caution

Anal is great, just do it safely!

“During masturbation, when you’re making movements with your vagina, do not try to stimulate the anal area with a sex toy or with your fingers,” says Healthshots. “In such a situation, the risk of UTIs and other infections increases due to the entry of anal bacteria into the vagina.”

9. Be more conscious of masturbation during periods

“Many women refrain from masturbating during their menstrual period,” says Healthshots. “Indulging in self pleasure or even sex during periods is normal. In fact, masturbating during periods may give you relief from menstrual pain. However, it’s crucial to maintain proper hygiene during this time to reduce the risk of vaginal infection.

“If you use tampons or a menstrual cup, remember to remove them before masturbating with a sex toy as movement can inadvertently push a tampon inside, making it challenging to get it out.”

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