In order to help adult retailers during this time with the COVID-19 event, Williams Trading University has created a course module on best practices in the retail environment to keep both employees and consumers safe.  

Unlike other WTU courses, this is not a training course. Instead, COVID-19: A Retailer’s Guide is meant to help store owners and employees keep their stores up and running during this time, with helpful store cleaning tips, CDC reference sheets and signage that can be printed out and used as reminders. 

“There’s so much information out there, even on the CDC’s website, that you wind up getting information overload,” says Rachel M., a sales rep at Williams Trading Co. “We wanted to condense down all that material and apply it to the adult retail environment, and do so in an accessible way.” 

The course gives a very brief overview as to what COVID-19 is and what the symptoms are, but it focuses primarily on what adult retailers should think about when it comes to deep cleaning the store environment, along with handy infographics as reminders. 

There is no quiz at the end of this module, just handy reference sheets for retailers that have been compiled from the CDC’s website and adjusted to fit the adult retail space.