Blush tells its customers it’s time to move on from Loverboy & get yourself a Coverboy™.

Blush is proud to announce that they have rebranded its top-selling Loverboy line as Coverboy™, giving the popular collection of dildos and strokers characterized by fantasy men a much-deserved glow-up. The products will remain the exact same in design, manufacturing, UPCs and price points – Blush is simply swapping the “L” for a “C”!

New packaging is already underway with the Coverboy™ name, along with digital assets and retail support tools available in the Blush Brandfolder. Over the next year, Coverboy™ packaging and branding will be replacing Loverboy, so Blush customers are advised to make note of in-store and online communication points where this update will need to be made.

“It’s official: Loverboy is now Coverboy™!” Blush Sales Representative Benny Neff says. “We’re excited about this update and how it will even better represent the fun, flirty vibe of Coverboy™ products. We know how beloved this line is and we want retailers and shoppers alike to rest assured that it is a change in name only. Everything people appreciate about the line will stay the same – these are still the same great products you know and love!”

Coverboy™ features dildos and self-lubricating butt strokers designed to emulate the men shoppers might encounter in their daily lives online and in person, including both typical man-on-the-street identities and fantasy personas. An alternative to oversized or unrealistic representations, firm and flexible Coverboy™ dildos realistically recreate the unique shapes, sizes and characteristics of human penises, including curved shafts, plump and compact scrotums, stout shafts, and more. Coverboy™ masturbators are soft, flexible and filled with sensational textures. Featuring self-lubricating technology and PerfectFlo™ Air Valve Control, these super-soft TPE strokers are a must-have for retailers.

For any questions about the Coverboy™ rebrand, please reach out to your Blush sales rep or Blush Sales Manager Nancy Cosimini directly at

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Blush is a global manufacturer of pleasure and intimacy products with one of the fastest-growing brands in the world, boasting more than 1,200 products with sales spanning North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Founded in 2007 by entrepreneurs Verna Meng and Eric Lee, Blush operates two manufacturing facilities and global distribution channels with offices in New York, Dongguan, and Hunan.

Blush’s development team centers functional design with smart technology to create pleasure and wellness tools that promote sexual health, exploration, connection, and fun. Blush products are body-safe and independently lab tested to ensure each item meets or exceeds international safety standards, and through its Blush training programs, the company supports customers’ education and curiosity with free online and in-person training on product, pleasure anatomy, customer care, and business-building for adult retailers and their staff.

In addition to its focus on sexual wellness and pleasure, Blush also prioritizes the environment by creating truly sustainable sex toys. The company made history with the launch of Gaia, the 1st-ever sex toy line made of plant-based plastic, and each powerful eco-friendly vibrator uses fewer greenhouse gasses in production and has the lightest end-of-life impact on the environment. Blush also supports company employees with its Go Green initiative, which offers guidance and incentives to those looking to develop more environmentally conscientious practices via driving sustainable cars and installing solar panels in their homes.

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