Blush has launched the newest stars in its Play With Me lineup: Fairy Flutter and Moondust Magic. Bringing fresh energy and fun to the collection, these vibrant rabbits combine imaginative design with cutting-edge sextech for a truly, uniquely pleasurable experience.

Perfect for playful moments in the bath or shower, these rabbit-style vibrators are crafted from 100% body-safe, platinum-cured silicone. Fairy Flutter’s 360° rotating G-spot stimulation and Moondust Magic’s unique come-hither G-spot massaging motion, coupled with their customizable settings, invite you to indulge in a pleasure playground paradise.

“Fairy Flutter and Moondust Magic epitomize our commitment to innovation and joyous exploration,” says Ian Kulp, Director of Marketing at Blush. “Our Play With Me collection continues to evolve, offering playful elegance and unforgettable experiences.”

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