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Eldorado Trading Company, the award-winning distributor of adult toys, lingerie, and party supplies announces the arrival of the full line of CB Max Collection products, a revamped comprehensive sexual wellness line designed for men who want an optimal sex life. 

Previously labeled Max 4 Men, the updated CB Max Collection includes a variety of products “designed to boost confidence, performance and prolong pleasure.” Max Attract colognes are formulated to enhance the natural pheromone production to boost sexual attraction. Max Enhance products are a great topical gel designed to boost performance and enhance pleasure. Max Satisfaction is a luxurious masturbation cream that melts into a slick glide. Max Control are delay products available in a gel or spray that work to reduce sensitivity and prolong pleasure and play. Max Relax is an anal desensitizer that works gently and supports more adventurous play. 

Eldorado Buyer Ragen Hunt believes the packaging redesign to a more sophisticated, masculine look will help retailers to showcase this line to new and existing customers.

“The CB Max Introductory Bundle, which includes cologne testers and shelf talkers, is everything a retailer needs to create a compelling wall display. Classic Brands makes merchandising easy,” Hunt shares.  

“We are excited to start this year off with an extremely successful launch of our MAX Collection,” says marketing director Janette Bilodeaux. “Retailers who saw the product range at ANME immediately fell in love with the packaging and comprehensive product selection.” “And let’s keep it real. Men want to be stronger, harder and longer when it comes to sex. The MAX collection is designed specifically with this in mind and provides men with topical options to enhance their pleasure as well as their partner’s.”  

Max Collection Digital Catalog: http://marcom.eldorado.net/max-collection/max-collection/ 

Max Collection Video Commercial: https://youtu.be/k2C2hR0ru9g 

For more information on the CB Max Collection or any Classic Brands products, please call (800) 525-0848 or email sales@eldorado.net.

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