Entrenue announces exclusive distribution of female-focused sexual wellness brand, Playground Lubricants, designed by three pioneering female entrepreneurs, among them, “Genie in a Bottle” singer, Christina Aguilera.

(Note: This story appears in the February 2024 issue of SE Magazine


merican adult specialty distributor, Entrenue, has announced an exciting exclusive US distribution of Playground Lubricants, a comprehensive sexual wellness brand founded by three multi-talented businesswomen: Catherine Magee, Sandy Vukovic and pop sensation Christina Aguilera. By women, for women: Playground was developed to meet women’s emotional and physical needs, simultaneously targeting sexual pleasure and health with an aim towards a female-focused future.

“With Playground, it was a passion of mine to not only create products with the purest and most effective ingredients, but also products that helped women feel more confident and beautiful,” explains Catherine Magee, Co-Founder and CEO of Playground. 

Prior to Playground, Magee spent many years in the beauty industry creating products based on women’s needs. Through conversations with clients and friends, she realized that, unlike cosmetics and skincare, many women felt unheard and uncomfortable shopping for adult products. 

Seeking ways to change women’s relationships to adult retail in a big way, luck would have it that an unlikely collaborator, a champion of feminism and female sexuality with a celebrity influence, expressed enthusiastic interest in involvement — Grammy award-winning pop diva and female entrepreneur, “Xtina” Aguilera.

“Very early on, I had the opportunity to share this vision with people who happened to know Christina,” shares Magee. “It was that serendipitous — I received a call asking if I could share this vision directly with Christina. Her excitement and passion for my mission was clear. She didn’t just want to support Playground, she wanted to become part of Playground. Christina has been an advocate for female sexuality for her entire career. Her passion for supporting female sexuality and sexual wellness for all is a big part of Playground and our mission.”

The Playground line includes full-sensory, premium 100% plant-based personal lubricants, containing innovative biotech formulations and chemistry-enhancing ingredients.

“I received a call asking if I could share this vision directly with Christina (Aguilera). Her excitement and passion for my mission was clear. Her passion for supporting female sexuality and sexual wellness for all is a big part of Playground and our mission.”


– Catherine Magee

“I wanted all women to have products that improved their lives and made them feel proud and excited to use them,” says Magee. “And as I started to explore products in the sexual wellness and lubricant space, I was shocked to see so few choices from brands that focused on ingredients or on women.” 

The four water-based lubricants in the Playground line — Date Night, Mini Escape, After Hours and Love Sesh — contain skin-nourishing and moisturizing Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid, as well as a proprietary blend of three adaptogens to improve pleasure, particularly for women.

“Our formulas help maintain a healthy pH balance during intercourse and provide a silky-smooth glide to reduce friction, with a dose of ingredients that intentionally help vaginal dryness, a common issue for women,” explains Magee. “While these ingredients are more expensive than what’s typically found in drugstore formulas, it was very important to us to keep our prices approachable and accessible,”ensures Magee.

As exclusive distributor, Entrenue will bring Playground’s full line of lubricants and products to the adult retail market. 

“It’s an honor to be entrusted to represent Playground in the adult B2B space,” comments Phoebe Grott, Entrenue Director of marketing and strategic partnership for Entrenue. “Entrenue is greatly aligned with Playground’s core values of demystifying and removing shame associated with using lubricants and talking about sexual wellness in the public sphere. As a specialty distributor, Entrenue has a long history of partnering with crossover brands to reach new audiences with educational resources and sales programs.”

Entrenue customers who have additional questions or wish to order Playground products can contact their sales representatives or email sales@entrenue.com. For more information about Entrenue, visit www.entrenue.com, and receive the latest updates by following on Twitter @EntrenueDist, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/EntrenueDist, and on Instagram @entrenue.