The creators of the inaugural SEX+ Summit have proudly introduced SEX+ Community, a private members-only digital space where curious, open-minded folks can connect, learn, and explore sex and pleasure free from the restrictions of traditional social media. Members have access to exclusive educational courses, special events hosted by experts in the sexuality and wellness space, monthly virtual hangouts, direct access to sex and relationship support, and weekly activities designed to make prioritizing pleasure and self-care feel a little easier – and more fun.

Created and guided by sex educators Anne Hodder-Shipp and Sarah Tomchesson, SEX+ Community explores the intersections of pleasure, identity, and healing so members can access expansive sex and relationship information they can trust. Whether through taking one of their courses, attending a guest workshop, or simply scrolling through SEX+ Community’s vast resources, members can find fresh ideas, new practices, and accessible rituals they can easily add into their daily lives.

“The mission of SEX+ events have always been to explore sexuality, healing, and identity using an expansive lens and centering tools and topics typically left out of mainstream sex and relationship conversations,” Tomchesson says. “Now with SEX+ Community, we have our own digital space with which to do it – complete with courses, workshops, and weekly activities that we designed just for SEX+ Community members.”

Within SEX+ Community’s private social feed, members will benefit from the power of community-based learning, which allows like-minded folks to connect, share stories, and support each other while learning (and unlearning) belief systems and ideals about sex and pleasure. And because SEX+ Community is guided by professionals in the sexuality, healing, and wellness spaces, members have access to the kind of expansive information and support they need – and can trust.

“Sarah and I know that we aren’t the only ones who have been harmed by reductive, inaccurate, and biased sexuality education and part of our mission as professional sex educators is to offer a soothing antidote,” Hodder-Shipp adds. “I also know we aren’t the only ones who are incredibly tired of the one-size-fits-all conversations around sex and relationships, so we built SEX+ Community to offer something profoundly different. With SEX+ Community, members will develop their inner knowing and deepen their relationships – including (and especially) then one they have with themselves.”

SEX+ Community is now accepting members. For just $25 per month, members get instant access to:

  • 4 guided pleasure courses co-facilitated by Tomchesson and Hodder-Shipp, starting with SEX+You: Become the Authority of Your Pleasure on Feb. 18, 2021
  • A structured community social feed and forum without censorship, data mining, or trolls
  • Weekly activities, writing prompts, rituals, and practices
  • Engaging online discussion
  • Resources and skill-shares
  • Monthly virtual hangouts hosted by Tomchesson and Hodder-Shipp
  • Quarterly events and activities hosted by your fave educators and healers
  • 50% tickets to the 2021 SEX+ Summit
  • & more!

If a monthly membership feels like too much commitment, folks can sign up for the courses and events individually with no monthly fee required. SEX+You: Become the Authority of Your Pleasure starts Feb. 18 and will allow attendees to:

  • Explore and rediscover pleasure as a self-care tool
  • Discover your unique pleasure conductors
  • Successfully source and elevate desire
  • Experience the healing power of storytelling
  • Find pleasure practices and resources that are right for you
  • Own and get grounded in your personal power and inner wisdom

To learn more about SEX+ Community or sign up for a monthly membership, please visit

SEX+ Community and the annual SEX+ Summit are products of S3X Plus Productions, co-owned by Tomchesson and Hodder-Shipp. To learn, please visit