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Continuing an aggressive expansion strategy, Deja Vu Services, Inc., announced its new affiliation with the Suzies Adult Boutique chain.

“We’re very excited to announce that Suzies will be joining the world’s undisputed leader in adult retail.  We can barely contain our excitement for this new operation,” explains Ryan Carlson, director of operations for Deja Vu Services, Inc.

Suzies, established in 1969, operates a large chain of adult boutiques in Nevada, California, and Hawaii, selling high-end adult novelties, adult DVDs, lingerie, and accessories with state-of-the-art adult arcades at many locations.

Expanding its retail footprint is an ongoing goal of the Deja Vu group. With more new locations coming soon, the group is poised to see massive growth, particularly in the Midwest and Northeast.

“No competing adult retail chain has as many locations as our group, nor a premium merchandising program that has proven itself coast to coast and around the globe.  We’re excited for the growth opportunities that continue to come our way,” says Tim Unglesbee, Deja Vu’s director of retail operations.

With the Deja Vu chain of adult retail stores and clubs already the undisputed market leader in California and Nevada with dozens of locations, the Suzies chain “represents a great opportunity for us to continue growing in California and Nevada,” adds Megan Swartz, Deja Vu’s director of purchasing.

“We’re also excited to re-enter the Hawaii market and continue expanding our special adult retail shopping experience while making life-long guests at these new locations,” continues Swartz. “The relationships I’ve built for nearly two decades with Deja Vu will prove to be very beneficial to all parties involved.”

For a list of Suzies locations or to shop online, please visit www.suzies.com or www.dejavuretail.com.

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