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(Note: this story appears in the August issue of STOREROTICA Magazine)

Industry professionals abound toast Eldorado.

“Ever since I started HPPPA (The Home Pleasure Party Plan Association) Eldorado has been my favorite distributor. It’s their innovation and their attention to detail that really sets them apart from the rest. An example of that is their drop-shipping program which, I feel, is the best in the industry. They are a wonderful example of a distributor who cares about the buyer and the consumer equally.”
— Tamara Payton Bell, CEO and founder of HPPPA

“One of my favorite things about Eldorado is that when you are doing one of their events or go visit their warehouse, it feels like you are a part of the family. They strive to make their events fun, interactive and inclusive.  Larry and Wanda have had things set up that way as long as I’ve been working with them and it’s not only a very effective way to do business, but makes doing business with them a pleasure!”
— Conde Aumann, Vice President Screaming O

“When we decided to launch Nu Sensuelle in the US, we knew that we needed a distributor that we were able to trust. Eldorado quickly became one of our most trusted partners, due to their educated sales team, dedicated customer service and innovative business practices.

We so much appreciate their support and dedication to Nu Sensuelle.”
— Thao Luu-Brinberg, Nu Sensuelle

“Eldorado has always been a loyal partner and we are very fortunate to have built a successful partnership together. When you work with them, it’s like working with family. We wish them continued success and couldn’t be more proud of the dynasty they have built!”
— Briana Watkins, VP of Sales & Marketing, M.D. Science Lab 

“I have been in the business for about 30 years and it’s been such a pleasure to see how much Eldorado has grown. I have always respected them and the way they treat everyone around them. They have a great team and I am so excited to be servicing them here at Swiss Navy.”
— Cheryl Flangel, Senior Sales Executive, M.D. Science Lab

“The foundation of the amazing relationship between Wow Tech and Eldorado began at the top with Larry and continues today with Wanda and Preston. When we started working with Eldorado, Larry asked me to step outside his office and read the Guiding Principles; which were framed and hanging on the wall. He then asked me to tell him if I thought our companies could work together following those principles. What a refreshing and wonderful way to begin our relationship. In that moment we went much deeper than ‘How many units of this can your team sell?’ or ‘What’s your yearly sales forecast for our brand?’ into the heart of what Eldorado was about and continues to be to this day. Those bonds have grown and strengthened over the past six years with each team member I’ve worked with and goes well beyond being work colleagues. We are friends and family.”
— Kim Card, Team Lead Wow Tech North America

“I’ve worked with Larry, Wanda and the Eldorado team for over 27 years. When I first met Larry and Wanda, they were looking to expand their business. We spoke about the opportunities within the adult toy market, and when I started CalExotics in 1994, Eldorado became one of my top distribution partners, and they still are today. 

I’m incredibly proud of the partnership CalExotics has with Eldorado. Their company is dedicated, hardworking and they always go above and beyond for their customers. It’s been an honor to be a business partner and friend for so many years. 

I look forward to continued success, health and happiness. Congratulations!”
— Susan Colvin, Founder and CEO of CalExotics 

“For almost 50 years, Eldorado has been an industry leader that has been a force and vision in shaping the adult industry. Since its inception, they have set the standards of excellence in the marketplace and we are proud to call them our friends and partners. On behalf of the entire team here at ID Lubricants, congratulations on your success!”
— Gregg Haskell, President, ID Lubricants

“We have loved every minute of our relationship with Eldorado. We attended Elevation last April and I still tell customers how wonderful they were to educate us on products like they did. They treated us like royalty that weekend and have never let up on the service!”
— Mike Menard, owner Crave Romance Boutique, Lafayette, Louisiana

“Eldorado and their representative Maria Ortiz are an invaluable asset to Washington Retailtainment and Paradise for Adults. I can without hesitation say as valuable an asset and reason for our success as any one thing in our company. I have other companies and concepts, and I am constantly looking for another ‘Eldorado’ to partner with for those stores. I could not speak more highly.”
— Matthew Skinner, Washington Retailtainment, Paradise for Adults Only

“Larry was one of the first people I met in the industry when I got involved in 2004. We met at AVN, back when it used to share the convention center with CES. I was all alone and didn’t really know anyone and someone introduced me to Larry at a party with pornstars everywhere. He was just so nice and normal, kind of a haven of calm between all the breasts, glitter and spray-tan. 

Later, when I moved into consulting, I always suggested Eldorado as a partner to brands looking to do business in the US. I never regretted my recommendation. Honest, fair-play and kind are sometimes rare attributes in this industry, but so important for small brands looking to get their start without getting ripped off.

Now, as the North American Brand Manager for Exsens, I am so pleased to be working directly with Eldorado. The whole team is great and I always get the feeling they act more like a family than a company. I still get sad when I think of Larry’s passing, but I’m happy to see the company lives on, growing and giving and always getting better.”
— Rebecca Pinette-Dorin, North American Brand Manager Exsens 

“Eldorado is such a fantastic company, and it all starts with its leaders Larry and Wanda Garland. They’ve put their heart and soul into that company, and you can feel it when you are around anyone from the Eldorado team. It’s been incredible to have been their business partner and friend for over 25 years. Congratulations on all of your success.”
— Jackie White, Executive Vice President for CalExotics 

“Eldorado holds a special place in my heart as they were my first client when I started with CalExotics in 2002. They’ve watched me grow and have been a huge part of my success, and for that, I am eternally grateful. My relationship with Wanda, Preston and their amazing team goes beyond business; to me, they’re family. Congratulations to Eldorado on an amazing 46 years!”
— Lupe Martinez, International Business Development Executive for CalExotics

“The legacy that Wanda Garland and the Eldorado family have built over nearly five decades is simply remarkable. Eldorado’s core values represent the best of the best: outstanding leadership, dedication to service, and nurturing purposeful relationships. The Edorado company culture continues to make an incredible impact within our industry at-large, year by year, and to be a part of their legacy is nothing short of inspiring. Thank you Wanda, for your immeasurable contributions to the pleasure products community.”
— David Joseph, President Bedroom Products, Rock Candy Toys

“Larry Garland was a hero. And for me, the definition of a hero is someone whom you’ve interacted with and want to emulate. Always positive, always looking forward, always wanting to make others strive to be better. That’s how Larry built Eldorado. Wanda is exactly the way Larry was. What Eldorado instills in their employees in integrity and purpose and that continues to shine to this day. Paradise Marketing has a special affinity for the Garland family, as well as what they’ve built with their company.”
— Dennis Paradise, Paradise Marketing

“From the first day I met Larry and Wanda at the Hannover Venus show, my relationship with them and in particular Larry grew from strength to strength.  

Working with Eldorado was a massive deal for us at ElectraStim as they were our first mainstream US distributor and gave us the exposure and support we needed to break into the USA. Whether at a show or at the bar, the team at Eldorado have always been warm, friendly and professional.

Working with Eldorado is as easy today as it was back then and they are greatly valued friends and respected partners of the whole team at ElectraStim.”
— Andy Smith, ElectraStim

“Rocks-Off have worked with Eldorado for many years now and business has always continued to grow. The support given by all members of the team is incredible; they are professional, efficient and have a pro-active approach.

They always have time for you no matter how big or small the topic! Overall, the company is a pleasure to work with and I am sure we have many great years ahead of us. Thank you all for your support and business!”
— Sham Galoria, Sales Manager, Rocks-Off Ltd.

“We work with Eldorado and have been doing so for four consecutive years now. I must say working with Janet M. and Michele W. has been a pleasure. They are super responsive and always address my concerns in a timely matter so that I can, in turn, do so for my customers and clients. These two are absolutely wonderful in my experience with them. I have complete confidence knowing that when orders are fulfilled through Eldorado they will arrive to my clients on time and with accuracy. Forever reason that there is a problem one phone call or email to Michele and Janet and I know the issue will be resolved. My history with Eldorado dates back to 2005 when I was a store manager and buyer for an adult store in Maryland. They always have been awesome when it comes to working with quality brands and shipping the products fast.”
— Adam B, owner, Rated Intimate store

“Although we’ve only been partner’s for 20 of their almost 50 years in business, Larry and Wanda and the entire Eldorado team have always been a supportive and invaluable partner over the years. We say cheers to you!”
— Daniel and Janette Bilodeaux, Savvy Co/VeDO Toys

“Working with Eldorado has always been such a pleasure for us at Wicked Sensual Care. No matter which department we’re interfacing with, it’s always in the spirit of teamwork and fun, making our partnership feel effortless. We truly value them professionally and personally and salute their efforts and achievements as a leader in our industry.”
— Cassie Pendleton, Marketing Director, Wicked Sensual Care

“All the best—the team at Eldorado really lives their motto. In addition to being one of the most knowledgeable pleasure products distributors in the industry, Eldorado is a reliable and effective ambassador for the Sportsheets brand. We’re grateful for the 25-plus year relationship we’ve built with this Colorado crew and look forward to another 25!”
— Julie Stewart, President Sportsheets

“Eldorado’s long-term success leads to their ability to not only have the best customer service but have the education and marketing tools to back up each vendor they work with.”
— Savannah Zinkand, Sales Director, Dame Products

“When I first met Larry Garland, it was by the hotel bar in Hannover, Germany. I introduced myself and within minutes we were in a deep conversation about marketing. His strategy was branding and he went into the history of the Coca-Cola Company. I knew right away that he loved his work and was passionate about his company and the industry after all the years he had been in this business. The quality, care and attention that Larry and Wanda poured into the founding of Eldorado continues to flow to their customers. Eldorado’s knowledgeable, vibrant and hands-on team is an extension of the XR Brands family. It’s no wonder why so many retailers choose Eldorado, where they can find quality service, years of experience and a partner that will go the extra mile for you.”
— Joanie Lee, XR Brands

“Eldorado has a special way of making us feel like a part of their family. They have welcomed us in and help however they can to make our business a success. 

I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons in our industry from Larry, and I hope that, in turn, I can help impart some of that knowledge to junior reps and pay it forward.  

The Eldorado team makes you feel like your account is so valuable to them and their customers love to work with them, which shows just how fun, brilliant and respected they are. Eldorado sets such a great example for the standards within our industry and I’m proud to partner with them. We love you Team Eldorado!”
— Danielle Seeley, Voodoo & Get Lucky Brand Evangelist

“I’m owner of The Fifth Wheel Adult Super Store in Portsmouth, NH and have been for 41 years. I’ve been doing business with Eldorado for almost that long. My salesperson is Jeff and he takes great care to make sure that my store is serviced well with a great fill rate of top grade products. Any special requests that I may have from time to time are promptly seen to. Great company to do business with and I look forward to another 41 with them!”
— Linda Rossetti, owner The Fifth Wheel Adult Super Store

“It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but the memories are priceless. With Eldorado, and their team over the past 25 years I had too many to mention.

Nevertheless, I will always remember my induction into our great industry on my very first business trip to promote the Nasstoys brand with Eldorado, in beautiful Boulder. It was an open house for their customers with many festivities.

I still remember the name of the Hotel, The historic Broker Inn.  As a New York City  guy I knew right then and there I found a home in this business, as I was warmly welcomed by Larry and Wanda,  Dennis and Stephanie, Connie and Jeff  and their colleagues and customers in a beautiful place like Boulder.”
— Tony Sicilia, Nasstoys

“Doc Johnson and Eldorado’s relationship goes way back! We’ve had a wonderful partnership for more than 40 years, and I’ve been lucky enough to be their sales rep for a decade. I absolutely love working with this amazing team. Their staff is so dedicated, knowledgeable, and hard-working that it makes them some of the best in the industry. Whether at a trade show, open house, or the more-recent Zoom meetings, we at Doc love spending time with our Eldorado family.”
— Kristen Denton, Doc Johnson

“For Evolved, Eldorado is so much more than just a business partner. They have always been about working together to build and strengthen long-lasting relationships. We love that, like Evolved, Eldorado has made it such a large part of its mission to focus on the best in customer service as well as the importance of continuing education within the adult industry. If you’ve never been to an Eldorado Elevation, it’s definitely an event that everyone should experience for both the education and camaraderie. Attending an Elevation is the feeling of being at a big family reunion that you want to go to without all the craziness and drama of an actual family reunion!”
— April Hoopes, Evolved Novelties

“Congrats Eldorado on almost 50 years as an industry leader! We love working with you!”
— Victoria Nelthropp, Marketing/Brand Coordinator, Empire Labs

“Congratulations Eldorado on nearly 50 years of excellence, innovation and leadership in the pleasure products industry! Larry’s iconic vision and the team he built around him have been instrumental to Pipedream’s growth and success over the years and we’re grateful for our decades-long partnership. The Garland family will always hold a special place in our hearts and all of us at Pipedream wish the entire Eldorado organization continued success for years to come!”
— Rob Phaneuf, Vice President Product Development Pipedream Products

“I grew up in this industry, and Eldorado is an example of a company that I looked up to as iconic from the very beginning. They are the epitome of graciousness, understanding, support and learning. When my father passed and Dan and I took over the business, Larry and his crew were always there, encouraging us to learn the industry without the bottom dollar taking control of the conversation. They showed Dan and I there is value in heart-to-heart conversations between companies that are working together towards a common goal. This compassion and insight made Eldorado what it is today, and what has inspired so many of us to endeavor to become better. 

We miss Larry’s thoughtful input, camaraderie and wisdom — and always will. But, we are so thankful to see Eldorado continuing its excellence. Thank you, Larry, for being a part of our lives and thank you, Eldorado, for being such a wonderful partner to work with.”
— Shay Martin, Vibratex

“Eldorado is one of Oxballs’ first distribution partners.  Larry, Wanda, and their incredible staff have helped grow Oxballs’ presence in the US market and abroad. The vibe of their team, the way they are with us and customers has clearly been influenced by the Garlands—it is very much a family-feeling small business.

Oxballs and hünkyjunk brands are very niche and focused in the market—sometimes crazy, unusual products that are design and fetish focused … Eldorado’s culture allowed for products like ours to be understood and gain a larger audience because they saw our potential. 

Eldorado provides unique connection and service for their customers—you can see this at one of Eldorado’s Elevation events where they bring retailers and vendors together in a platform that focuses not only on new product, but addresses in-store and overall industry challenges in a broader dialogue. 

This care and effort has helped build Oxballs and hünkyjunk brands, our presence across the country, and we wouldn’t be where we are without their support.”
— Ryan Fraga, Director of Sales & Operations Oxballs

“Eldorado has been and continues to be a fantastic partner. This company is built on integrity and commitment to their customers to provide the highest quality of service.  Their success is well deserved and we are proud to be a part of their continued growth.”
— Christina Williams, NS Novelties Account Executive

“I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with key members of Eldorado, such as Jon Vogt, Ragen Hunt and the Sales & Marketing team since I joined the adult industry in 2017. Many of those relationships have since grown into friendships. If you look at Eldorado’s history with their customers, you will see some of the longest-lasting relationships in the industry. I think that says a lot about the people they hire and the culture they’ve instilled.”
— Michael Cox, Senior Sales Manager, Fun Factory

“Eldorado has been a solid partner for us at COTR, Inc. Not only do they make time for companies like ours, but their buyers are eager to learn about our products, which translates to their sales team and, ultimately, the customer. There’s a reason they have been around for as long as they have and we are grateful to Larry for starting his business and to Wanda for carrying on such a positive and encouraging legacy.”
— Kim Faubel, Sales Director, COTR

“There are so many wonderful things to say about Eldorado that it’s hard to know where to begin! Even before our companies began working together, Eldorado played an influential role in the development of the Sliquid brand.  In our early days, Larry and Wanda were thoughtful enough to take me under their wing and show me the ropes of this industry. As Sliquid began to build upon our connection with Eldorado, we started making and cultivating many long-lasting relationships with our industry peers that we credit to the Eldorado family. The synergistic partnership we have built with Eldorado is pivotal for our brand, and we are grateful to their entire staff, and the Garland family in particular. Eldorado is more than just a client to Sliquid.  They are our family, an inspiration to this industry, and we truly love them.”
— Dean Elliott, Sliquid Founder and CEO

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