The launch of the new party game Cum Face is not one that went unnoticed. Immediately after the announcement, the game went viral! Looking at this immense success, SHOTS soon decided to become an exclusive partner of Cum Face. A huge amount of pre-orders already have been made, so don’t be late and get yours now!

In just a few weeks, the game will be in stock and ready for shipping. For the release, SHOTS has a marketing plan involving 1000 influencers around the world, who will upload a video of Cum Face.

Don’t want to miss out on all the fun? Make sure your stock is fully packed and your own marketing strategy is ready for take-off, because it’s certain that Cum Face will sell like crazy! At SHOTS’s image bank, all media concerning Cum Face can be found. Just type in the name of the game, and all video’s and images pop up for download.

For questions and orders contact your account manager. For access to the image bank and for ordering, go to or and make sure to log in.