Renowned program equips attendees with inclusive tools, knowledge, & confidence

Everyone Deserves Sex Ed (EDSE) has expanded its renowned Sex Educator Certification to 40 hours of training, giving adult industry professionals a modern and inclusive program that transforms the way they work with customers. Completed online over the course of three weekends, EDSE’s Sex Educator Certification is one of the most up-to-date and inclusive sex education trainings available, and enrollment for the 2023 season is filling up fast.

Since its 2019 debut, EDSE’s Sex Educator Certification has hosted adult industry professionals from some of the biggest names in adult retail, manufacturing, and distribution – including Doc Johnson, Lion’s Den, East Coast News, System Jo, Fun Factory and more. Following its recent expansion to 40 training hours, EDSE’s Sex Educator Certification is even more suitable for adult professionals working in product development, sales and marketing and customer service.

“Knowledge is power, and EDSE offers adult industry professionals the kind of inclusive tools and expansive knowledge they need to confidently do their jobs – and stay competitive,” EDSE founder Anne Hodder-Shipp says. “The EDSE certification helps inform and educate, but also gives adult companies and brands a way to stand out and differentiate themselves while making a positive impact. This is the future of the adult industry and I want to help companies and their staff stay ahead of the curve.”

The 40-hour Sex Educator Certification is a foundational training in important topics like anatomy, gender identity and safer sex and provides an expansive understanding of the social impact of sex ed. Attendees also are trained in active communication and provided skills for responding to sex-related questions in a concise and non-judgmental manner.

“If you are a professional in the sexual wellness industry, EDSE is an essential certification for you and your team,” FUN FACTORY Head of Global Marketing Kristen Tribby says. “I’ve been working in this field for over 15 years, and I was nervous that the course would be too basic. The education provided is engaging and up to date. If you are looking for something to fine tune your sex ed or you are just starting out, EDSE is the perfect choice.”

Whether working in product development, sales and customer service or content production and performance, attendees are given tools, resources, and a supportive space in which they can develop an even stronger understanding of human sexuality.

“Walking in, I thought I knew my fair share, but Anne and her speakers opened my eyes to a lot – from being cognizant of my own judgments to how to be a better advocate for my fellow human beings,” says Kerin De Francis, Director of Sales at Doc Johnson. “I think parents, teachers, just about anyone in any kind of authoritative position could really benefit from working with EDSE.”

The Summer 2023 program takes place June 3-4, 17-18 and 24-25 and has 4 open seats. The Fall 2023 program takes place Sept. 30-Oct. 1, Oct. 7-8 and Oct. 14-15 and has 9 open seats. Private certifications are open to groups of 10 or more.

“The experience and expertise that Anne and the other educators brought to the table was exactly what I needed to take the next step in becoming a better sexual health and wellness advocate,” says Lion’s Den Digital Commerce Manager Ali Dunlap. “I really appreciated the care and consideration they took when addressing sensitive topics throughout the different segments of the course. It has been wonderful being able to share my experience with peers and colleagues at Lion’s Den. Several have now been inspired to take the course as well, and we continue to advocate for further education through the EDSE programs within our organization.”

With 15 years of experience working within the adult industry and seven years as a sex educator, Hodder-Shipp developed the EDSE Sex Educator Certification to help fellow professionals more informed, inclusive and confident conversations about sex with their colleagues, customers and clients.

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About EDSE: EDSE was founded by certified sex educator and sex-positive industry professional Anne Hodder-Shipp with the goal of creating an accessible space dedicated to providing accurate, compassionate and queer-inclusive sex education. Whether you’re a sex educator to-be or a pleasure professional looking for continued education, Anne’s mission with EDSE is to provide a safe, supported and friendly space where attendees can learn, grow and get closer to their personal and professional goals.

EDSE provides a range of education-based services, and its educators are trauma-informed, professionally trained and boast specialized knowledge in the field of human sexuality. They are also fun and engaging with work with! Learn more at