Eldorado Trading Company, the award-winning international distributor of adult toys, party supplies, and lingerie, announces the arrival of Absolute and Discovery Butt Plug Dilators. Odile Toys Inc., the Los Angeles, California based manufacturer, was founded by Benjamin and Chloe, two French people living in the USA for years. They are a passionate team and they have created a whole range of products focused on anal dilation.

Odile believes that regular anal dilation practice is the key for pleasurable anal sex, as it allows the body to experience penetration without firing pain signals. Odile conducted extensive research with medical professionals, and their results show gradual, safe, and precise anal dilation is best achieved with a single device.  Both their Absolute and Discovery Butt Plug Dilators are designed to bring a whole new experience to anal pleasure by providing unique and effective anal dilation. Their unique mechanism allows the girth shaft of our products to increase millimeter by millimeter, from 1 inch to 1.5 inches in diameter, allowing gentle anal dilation at the consumer’s own pace.

Benjamin J, founder and CEO of Odile Toys, is proud to collaborate with Eldorado on an exclusive basis for the North American market.

“We really wanted to work with a team that shared our values and had the relationships to support us in making a strong entry into the market,” Benjamin says. “Eldorado is without a doubt one of the most recognized distributors in the industry and we are honored to be a part of their exclusive product portfolio.”

Derek DalPiaz, Eldorado Director of Sales and Marketing, shares Odile’s enthusiasm. “Odile is a wonderful addition to the Eldorado portfolio!  Their products provide the efficiency of dilators mixed with the comfort of butt plugs, for a truly unique experience.”

Odile Digital Catalog: http://marcom.eldorado.net/odile-toys/

For more information about any Odile products, please contact your Eldorado Account Manager. For more information about Eldorado, please call 800.525.0848 or visit www.eldorado.net.