(Note: This story appears in the October 2022 issue of STOREROTICA Magazine)

*Story by Dianna Stratton

The adult retail distributor discusses their brand new website and new shopping app, “Eldorado Delivers.”


e are excited to share two new technological advancements that we hope will increase efficiency of systems, products, and services for both our employees and our customers.

Eldorado has a new website: new.eldorado.net.

Eldorado’s new website has been designed with our customers in mind. Most importantly, we have improved the user experience with a new category tree and better mobile responsiveness.

Category trees help consumers better navigate from broad categories, (pleasure products) to smaller subcategories (vibrators, dildos, etc.), making it easier for users to find relevant content. Improved mobile responsiveness means customers will be able to switch between their mobile devices and their computers more easily.

Other site enhancements include the ability to post videos on product pages, as well as provide related product suggestions. We have also improved product descriptions and specs to provide richer product detail. Making our website easier for customers to read and navigate not only improves the user experience, but also reduces operational costs and allows our business to keep growing along with our customers.

The soft launch of the new website has been well received by early adopters. Eldorado’s previous website will continue to run parallel with the new website for a limited time. Customers will be notified prior to phasing out the older site.

Introducing Eldorado Delivers, our new shopping app

Eldorado Delivers is an innovative ordering app designed to streamline the shopping and ordering process for our customers. Customers will be able to scan product barcodes to easily build their order, providing them access to every product available on the Eldorado website.

The app will also help customers stay up-to-date on the newest product arrivals, as well as track orders or view order history. As the first fully integrated distributor app in the industry, the Eldorado Delivers app will provide a smooth ordering experience with seamless transitions between the app and the new Eldorado website.

Derek DalPiaz, Eldorado director of sales and marketing is pleased to share these important capital improvements with business partners.

“Since the new Eldorado website and the Eldorado Delivers shopping app are fully integrated, customers can start their order using the app to scan products in their store they want to order and then complete the order on the website,” says DalPiaz. “While on the website, customers can add new products to their order, as well as adjust quantity of scanned products.”

Customers can find Eldorado’s newest app, Eldorado Delivers, in the Google Play store and the Apple App store.

Dianna Stratton is the Marketing Communications Strategist for Eldorado Trading Company. For more information, visit new.eldorado.net.