Eldorado Trading Company, the award-winning distributor of adult toys, lingerie, and party supplies announces support for International Fetish Day, celebrated on January 18. Retailers who serve the BDSM and fetish community are encouraged to celebrate International Fetish Day on January 18 with a store display promoting popular fetish and BDSM products.
International Fetish Day began in the United Kingdom in 2008 as an opportunity to raise awareness and acceptance of the BDSM lifestyle globally. Greater kink visibility and education means fewer customers living in shame and secrecy. Retailers supporting their local BDSM and fetish community should plan to include purple decorations in your store display. Fetish community members often wear purple on International Fetish Day to identify one another and encourage kink liberation.
Eldorado will share sex-positive BDSM and fetish content on their social media channels throughout the beginning of January in preparation for the upcoming international celebration. Eldorado customers are welcome to share and repurpose all Eldorado social media content on their retail social media pages.