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Get Lucky Toys is giving away one hundred free Jelly Dildo’s in honor of the two men who ushered in the post-Trump era, ‘ChartThrobs’ Steve Kornacki and John King.

With the internet getting hot and bothered over these surprising stars of the election, Get Lucky is calling on the nation to vote for their favorite election analyst and decide once and for all, who is the nation’s favorite ‘Map Daddy’.

Voting for your favorite ‘Map Daddy’ in Get Lucky’s poll is simple, and poll takers get a chance to win a pink or purple Jelly Dong, hosted at https://getluckytoys.squarespace.com/

So what is a Map Daddy? While most Americans were anxiously glued to their TV screens for election results, two stars were unexpectedly on the rise – MSNBC’s data expert Steve Kornacki and CNN’s anchor John King.

As of Friday night, “KorSNACKi the map daddy” began to go viral online, with his unbridled enthusiasm and khaki’s gathering a stream of infatuated fans. In the other camp, John King sent temperatures soaring with his cool as a cucumber delivery while mapping his “Magic Chart”, causing the internet to dub him their ultimate #ChartThrob.

“In the lead-up to us launching the Get Lucky brand nationwide, we wanted to spread a little joy after the anxiety felt going into the election. We loved seeing the country unite over their collective election crushes and while we know the nation is mostly at home in lockdown, we’re bringing them a little joy with a free Jelly Dong for them to use when thinking about their ‘Map Daddies’, says Get Lucky Sales Manager Terry Mcgowan.

Entries close November 23, 2020, midnight PST. Winners announced November 24, 12 pm midday PST.

Follow Get Lucky on Twitter: www.twitter.com/getlucky_toys

On Instagram: www.instagram.com/getluckytoys

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