Nalpac EDU recommends smoke products to expand the adult market, sharing its range of cannabis pleasure products and novelties.

(Note: This story appears in the April 2024 issue of SE Magazine

The pleasure product and smoke industries have shared history and clientele that spans decades. Smokers and pleasure seekers alike find joy, greater body autonomy and community in both spaces. By recognizing where these common threads intertwine, adult retailers and manufacturers can identify products that serve both communities, attracting new shoppers from both markets. Our team recommends these products to adult retailers and smoke shops alike.

Cannabis-derived body products

Products made from hemp, CBD and other cannabis-derived ingredients are staples among smokers for their adjacence to marijuana. These ingredients are often used in lubes, sensation oils and body care products for their sensation-enhancing properties, as well as their sustainable nature. Brands use these ingredients to make lubes, such as NEO Sensual’s CBD Glides; sensation oils, such as HighOnLove’s Stimulating O oil; and massage oils, such as Earthly Body’s 3-in-1 Massage Candles. The use of hemp seed oil, CBD and other cannabis-derived ingredients work twofold, appealing to multiple audiences and elevating these body products to luxury level.


Smokers enjoy cannabis for the way it makes them feel, elevating daily experiences. It only makes sense that many smokers also enjoy sexual enhancers, elevating sexual experiences. Enhancing gummies and pills like Stoner Boner and Pot Bunny from SOS even go so far as to brand their enhancers toward smokers. NUUD cleverly incorporates cannabis ingredients in their sex enhancing vapes and joints, combining arousal and full-body sensation in one product!

“Smokers enjoy cannabis for the way it makes them feel, elevating daily experiences. It only makes sense that many smokers also enjoy sexual enhancers, elevating sexual experiences.”


– Alex Aho


As the smoke and adult industries grew together, so did the novelty industry. The edgy humor of products like nude playing cards, edible underwear and other cheeky gifts play into the underground cultures and joyful nature associated with both markets and continue to relate today. Brands such as Wood Rocket make risqué pins, coloring books and even BDSM paddles with cannabis and dildo graphics alike. Game companies like Kheper and Little Genie make smoking and drinking card games that naturally merchandise next to their intimate card and board games. 

Leaf-print vibrators, lingerie and more

The cannabis leaf has never been out of vogue and its iconic presence is printed on everything, including pleasure products. Global Novelties’ Prints Charming and Stoner Vibes collections specialize in cannabis-themed vibrators and BDSM restraints with affordable prices that attract any casual buyer. Neva Nude and Pastease each make cannabis plant pasties. Fantasy Lingerie’s Vibes collection features multiple items with cannabis graphics. While the print may not appeal to every customer, it will appeal to guaranteed customers.

Many smokers and pleasure product buyers are, and always have been, one and the same. By embracing the philosophies of each world, these products attract and increase both markets.

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