America’s leading adult distributors, Nalpac and Entrenue, are now shipping the newest releases from Honey Play Box, the Joi Thrust and Adrian.

Entrenue and Nalpac are excited to partner with Honey Play Box, which initially launched its brand online and is now expanded to working with distributors. Honey Play Box is an award-winning brand that cultivated its popularity through influencer marketing and social media. The brand touts unique shapes, simple packaging, bright and fun colors and designs.

“Retailers are reporting customer demand for Honey Play Box in their stores, and we anticipate that the brand will do well for retailers due to the popular designs and price point accessibility,” says Phoebe Grott, Nalpac Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnership.

Honey Play Box has selected Nalpac and Entrenue due to confidence that the brand will be supported with strong marketing and customer service to be placed in the caliber of retailers to support customer demand.

The most recent releases from Honey Play Box, the Joi Thrust and Adrian, are now shipping. The Joi Thrust features nine thrusting modes that vibrate on the G-spot up to 500 times per minute and a nine-mode flicking tongue clitoral stimulator. Joi Thrust is ergonomically designed to fit the vulva’s anatomy, giving the user a bed-shattering experience with each use. Users can sync Joi Thrust with their partner’s phone and keep the passion alive, even when apart with the Honey Play Box App.

“The flickering and thrusting technology in the Joi Thrust is a winning combination for pleasure seekers. With the app control options, you have a versatile couple or solo toy that can be used hands-free,” says Kim Maty, Entrenue Sr. Sales Rep and Product Buyer.

Adrian from Honey Play Box is a water-compatible LED light-up stroker. Adrian is a cutting-edge, fully waterproof masturbator that can withstand pressure at approximately 10 meters in water, allowing users to explore pleasure without limits. Adrian can be used with both cold and warm water for different sensations. Cold water reduces sensitivity and increases endurance, while warm water improves blood circulation and enhances erections. Adrian is truly a party in your pants for any penis owner.

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