Entrenue has been named exclusive U.S. distributor of Clitherapy, the newest product line from luxe intimate fashion brand Bijoux Indiscrets. This fun new release was inspired by the common woes and frustrations that often come from modern dating, offering shoppers a selection of warming balms and a powerful finger vibe for much-needed pampering and pleasure.

Clitherapy features four different warming orgasm balms referred to as “damage control remedies,” each packaged in colorful iridescent boxes with a unique theme: Bad Day Killer, Sexting Balm, Horny Jar, and Ghosting Remedy. These balms are meant to facilitate pleasure by offering a fun and light-hearted approach to managing the unpredictable drama that can come with navigating the digital dating age. 

Clitherapy also includes the Better Than Your Ex finger vibe, a wearable medical-grade silicone vibrator with three intensities and seven vibration modes. Boxed in matching iridescent packaging, Better Than Your Ex comes complete with three batteries, and the full line is available with an easy-to-set-up counter display that catches shoppers’ eyes.

“Bijoux Indiscrets is a strong brand with clever marketing, and we are thrilled to introduce Clitherapy to our customers,” Entrenue CEO and owner Joe Casella says. “Bijoux Indiscrets remains a destination for modern, sophisticated and on-trend products and Clitherapy is no exception. This whimsical line cleverly pokes fun at the challenges of modern dating while offering simple self-care tools focused on pleasure, and the Bijoux Indiscrets team really knows how to appeal to a younger demographic.”

With clean, modern iridescent rose-gold packaging, Clitherapy items make for a beautiful, cohesive, eye-catching display. 

Clitherapy is available exclusively through Entrenue and is available now for shipping.

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