Entrenue is thrilled to announce that they are now shipping two exciting all-in-one sets that mark the latest from the anal pleasure experts at b-Vibe. The Anal Education Set: Masster’s Degree Edition is ideal for seasoned anal play lovers while the Asstronaut Glow-In-The-Dark Butt Play Set will help butt play beginners achieve liftoff.

Curated with the optimal tools for the true busy-builder, the b-Vibe Anal Education Set: Masster’s Degree Edition is a must-have collection for advanced anal enthusiasts. It includes

a set of large anal beads, a training cone, and a pair of b-Vibe’s wildly popular anal plugs – the Snug Plug 6 and Rimming Plug XL with a convenient remote control – in masster-level sizes.

This set comes complete with accessories for safe and clean anal play, including body-safe nitrile gloves, a deep wash enema to master anal hygiene, b-Vibe’s signature lubricant applicator, the b-Vibe Masster’s Collection Guide, and a black backpack for easy storage.

The Asstronaut Glow-In-The-Dark Butt Play Set features 10 essential items that equip users to embark on safe and pleasurable anal adventures. This set features two glow-in-the-dark anal plugs: a brand-new petite version of b-Vibe’s beloved Rimming Plug with a user-friendly remote control as well as a small warm-up plug with a glowing moon and stars in the base that is exclusively available with this set.

The Asstronaut Glow-In-The-Dark Butt Play Set comes with a ton of fun accessories including

four iron-on anal explorer’s patches, a glowing enamel pin, an asstronaut-themed backpack, a fun sticker book, and glow-in-the-dark wall stars.

“When it comes to awesome anal play products, b-Vibe consistently delivers!” Entrenue CEO and owner Joe Casella says. “These new sets offer something fun and special for both beginners and advanced players. Not only are they full of the high-quality, fun products we’ve come to expect but they are also beautifully packaged and will be real head-turners this holiday shopping season. In recent years, anal toys have become a top-selling category for retailers, and these sets are a must-have addition for any retailer.”

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