Want to know their secret?

Operations team helps Entrenue stay open

“My priority is to keep Entrenue running at full potential every day while keeping us as safe as possible,” says Joe Casella, CEO and owner. “We at Entrenue are committed to making sure that all our businesses are impacted as minimally as possible.”

Meet their operations team

Mallory (pictured above) started in Entrenue’s wholesale order entry/reception in 2009, she moved over to dropship in 2014 and has been Entrenue’s operations manager for the past three years. Her amazing dropship and operations teams make sure they deliver to you properly and in a timely fashion; always shipping everything with extra love and attention to detail, while delivering the best customer service on a daily basis.

A few of Mal’s favorite things are reading, listening to podcasts, yoga, hiking, anything true-crime/mystery related, riding bikes and spending time with her family and friends.

Paul has 20 years in distribution and 10 years as a manager.

Paul supervises the warehouse staff, inventory, and invoicing shipments. Each day he oversees the picking, quality checking, packaging and shipment of all sold goods. He has 20 years in distribution and 10 years as a Manager.

Outside of work, Paul spends most of his time playing live music. As a lifelong musician, his passion is writing and performing music. He’s had the opportunity to share the stage with local acts including Gin Blossoms, The Refreshments and Authority Zero. He also enjoys traveling and the outdoors!

Nicole is the dropship manager and started in July 2019.

Nicole is Entrenue’s dropship manager who started in July 2019. She processes and ships dropship orders each day as quickly and efficiently as possible, and handles incoming questions and customer service every day! 

She enjoys spending time with her husband, listening to murder/true crime podcasts, watching true crime shows/documentaries, and singing everywhere she goes!

Ashley has been the wholesale coordinator for Entrenue since July 2018.

Ashley has been the wholesale coordinator for Entrenue since July 2018. She thoroughly enjoys processing wholesale orders with speed and efficiency, while providing the best upbeat customer service!   

When she’s not a busy little bee at work she enjoys her family and French Bulldog named Murphy. You can find her outside hiking, biking, rollerblading or running—any activity out in the sunshine.

Michele started with Entrenue in the accounting department but has since shifted to handling dropship orders.

Michele started with Entrenue in September 2019 supporting the accounting department. However, these days, she is fulfilling dropship orders. She is a proud grandmother of two beautiful granddaughters and loves Country Line Dancing. She loves being part of the Entrenue Family!

Tony in his natural habitat is enamored by spreadsheets. He processes improvements, in hopes of making life easier for his team in these trying times. He also sings, kind of a lot.

Tony with his 20-sided-die mug.

He’s an aspiring voice actor, pun connoisseur, and a mild-mannered dropship coordinator by day, ensuring the accuracy of all orders that dare stand in his way. He spends his free time making spreadsheets for his spreadsheets, gaming, and practicing movie monologues. He really likes his job (and yes, that cup is a D20 – roll for initiative!)

“I’m incredibly proud of our operations team,” says Joe.  “They are the magic behind the scenes to keeping our industry’s stores in business during this uncertain time.” 

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