Entrenue is proud to announce that they are now shipping the exciting Fun Factory Jewels Collection which celebrates five bestselling, award-winning toys that represent the best of Fun Factory by releasing them in regal, gemlike colors.

Manta: The sleek, easy-to-handle Manta is designed to be perfect for partner sex or solo play.

Limited edition color: Garnet

Miss Bi: A versatile, flexible rabbit-style vibe with dual motors, 49 different pleasure-packed stimulation combinations, that can also double as an anal toy.

Limited edition color: Jade

Volta: With tips that flutter, Volta offers a completely unique range of sensations and can be used on the clitoris, labia, vaginal opening, nipples, or penis.

Limited edition color: Sapphire

Big Boss: At nine inches long and nearly two inches thick, and boasting an ultra-strong motor, this is the toy for the size lover who doesn’t want to sacrifice inches for raw, rumbling power.

Limited edition color: Amethyst

Tiger: With prominent ridging and a bent tip, Tiger intensely massages the G-spot. Connoisseurs will love the ultra wavy profile, because each ridge delivers intense stimulation upon insertion.

Limited edition color: Emerald

“Fun Factory is an industry pillar,” Entrenue President Joe Casella says. “We’re excited to celebrate their years of success. This collection is beautiful and will appeal to new shoppers and toy collectors alike. Act fast because these limited edition jewel tones are bound to go fast.”

Brick and mortar retailers should ask about the Fun Factory Jewel Collection POS, available with minimum purchase.

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