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Entrenue is pleased to announce that they are now shipping a variety of women’s wellness products from innovative, woman-owned company Hip Hemp. The Hip Hemp line is aimed at those who deal with vaginal atrophy, discomfort, dryness, and general pain, and who wish to address it without using hormones or prescription medication.

Entrenue is now shipping the following Hip Hemp products nationwide:

Hip Hemp CBD Balm: CBD-rich topical balms that absorb quickly to deliver soothing and moisturizing effects to dry irritated skin. Available in two formulas: Calming, which contains lemon seed grass, avocado, and coconut oils and is designed to reduce and relax the nerves; and Rejuvenating, which features peppermint, cinnamon, and spearmint oils that can increase blood flow to the affected area, helping to lessen pain and swelling and facilitate faster healing.

Hip Hemp Massage Oil: Crafted from estrogen-free organic ingredients, these oils are made with combinations of hemp, grapeseed with Vitamin E and avocado oils, as well as essential oils such as sandalwood, ylang ylang, frankincense, sweet orange and bergamot. Designed to soothe and moisturize tired, aching skin, as well as enhance intimate play, they are available in three formulas – Serene, Unwind, and Uplift – as well as a convenient 3-pack featuring all three formulas.

Hip Hemp Moisture Drops: These estrogen-free organic perles are designed to soothe, hydrate and restore moisture to the vagina. By combining hemp and grapeseed oils rich in Omega 3 and 6 linoleic acids with anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and analgesic properties, each perle mimics natural lubrication while restoring tissue elasticity, reversing some of the damage that can come from atrophy and dryness. Additionally, users report that Moisture Drops are an effective form of preventative vaginal maintenance and, due to their anti-inflammatory properties, can help with painful conditions such as hemorrhoids and menstrual cramps. Available in 30, and 90 count packages.

Hip Hemp Travel Pack: Available in Serene, Unwind, and Uplift formulas, each travel pack features a week’s supply of Moisture Drops and one tube of Intimate Massage Oil.

“We are so excited about Hip Hemp and its focus on women’s intimate wellness and comfort,” says Entrenue senior sales executive and buyer Kim Maty. “Hip Hemp was created by two women who have real-life experience with the conditions their products aim to address, and each formula and its packaging was thoughtfully designed and beautifully executed. Entrenue loves supporting women-owned and women-run business like Hip Hemp, especially those who are dedicated to supporting women’s sexual health.”

Hip Hemp was founded by Mary Jane Haake and Angela Duncan. Haake, a tattoo artist with nearly four decades of experience, has offered her services through the medical community for breast cancer survivors and the Wounded Warrior Project. Her work with breast cancer survivors and older women opened her eyes to the need for natural organic products to heal and moisturize atrophied tissue, which leads to painful intimate encounters. Duncan has more than 25 years of client service experience, as well as a degree in psychology. She volunteers her time as the event lead for Relay for Life of Portland, the American Cancer Society’s signature fundraising event. She is passionate about her work with cancer survivors and often taps into her knowledge when working with Hip Hemp clients.

To place an order, please call (800) 368-7268, email info@entrenue.com or visit Entrenue.com.

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