Evolved Novelties hits it big in Hollywood! Their popular toy lines are featured in the #1 movie on Netflix this week, “American Pie Girls Rules.”

“I wish there was a movie like this when I was in high school,” says Lucy Vonne D’Olimpio, Evolved Novelties’ Sales, Education and ‘Sex Toy Unicorn.’ “All these young women owning their sexuality with no shame whatsoever about using sex toys—it’s awesome! It’s also a really funny movie that sends a sex-positive message to young women that they can be in charge of their own bodies and their own orgasms.”

The Universal comedy features many of Evolved’s products and toys from their various lines, including ZT Toys’ Masturbator lube and a variety of Evolved vibrators of all shapes and sizes from bullets to dual stimulation toys and more.

“One of the characters opens up her bedside table drawer and it’s filled with Evolved sex toys,” continues D’Olimpio. “Then when they venture out to a store to go shopping, the whole retail experience is ZT and Evolved with some of our new Barely Bare lingerie products. She takes home our ‘Hidden Pleasure Panty’ back to her house and gets caught with it – we’re happy to be part of the fun!”

Evolved’s product presence in a mainstream film is the evolution of the mainstreaming of sex toys and pleasure products in general. The stigma has been removed, and people are expected to enjoy sex as a healthy and positive activity.

All Evolved toys are created from body safe materials with no phthalates or latex and most of them are completely water submersible. They come with a distinctive 5-year replacement warranty, so customers can rest assured that their pleasure is guaranteed!

For more information, visit www.myevolved.com and watch the American Pie Girls Rule trailer here.