Eye of Love’s successful pheromone collection just got bigger! After listening to customer feedback about their line of pheromone-infused products, they’ve discovered that bigger is better, according to the people who love their perfumes, candles and jewelry. Eye of Love has now created a Pheromone Jewelry Gift Set which includes a 10ml spray of their high potency pheromone perfumes.

The Eye of Love pheromone-infused jewelry line, co-created with top love expert, author and global speaker Dr. Ava Cadell, is made with black lava rock that acts as a fragrance diffuser and becomes a powerful attracting force worn close to the skin. The porous (and beautiful) lava stone absorbs the pheromone perfumes which come in a dizzying array of men’s and women’s scents, sparking curiosity from others in social settings.

“These stunning kits are the perfect starter set for anyone wanting to experiment with pheromones,” says Jacqui Rubinoff, Vice President of Eye of Love, about the new design. “We’ve also added a larger bottle to our jewelry sets, which is something that both men and women have been requesting, so they don’t have to make two separate purchases of the Jewelry and Perfume.”

People can choose from a pendant or two-tiered necklace. Each piece is available in silver or gold, and comes packaged in a dazzling gift box, ideal for giving to the people you love.

Eye of Love is known for their love-attracting fragrances which include Morning Glow (a blend of jasmine, freesia and violets), One Love, (a heady combination of rose, lily and vanilla), Fierce (pink pepper and citrus), and Dare (a male to male attractor) which features citrus, sandalwood, ginger, rose and frankincense. Those are just a few of the unique fragrances available in bottles, roll-on perfumes, candles and jewelry for male to female, female to male, male to male and female to female attraction.

Eye of Love uses the highest quality pheromones, which are odorless chemicals released by our bodies, scientifically proven to send out positive signals of attraction and charisma. Vegan and never tested on animals, Eye of Love pheromones are the perfect gift for someone looking to boost their confidence or find love and romance.

Find out more at www.eyeoflove.com