On July 1, Fairvilla stores announced the relaunch of their Fairvilla University program online. Previously, Fairvilla University classes had only been offered in-store at physical Fairvilla locations. The shift to online classes comes as a result of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

These new online classes are to be hosted on Zoom several times each month, beginning Thursday, July 8. The education is shared between Fairvilla’s in-house educator Debbie Lee and John and Angelique Luna of Sex Positive Me. Topics include a variety of educa4onal and fun topics that cover everything from “Oral Pleasure” to “BDSM 101.”

Following each Fairvilla University class, attendees are encouraged to complete a post-class survey in order to continually improve the program. Upon the completion of that survey, the students receive a 15% discount on their online or in-store purchase.

“At Fairvilla University we strive to provide a high quality, judgment-free learning experience where every student has the opportunity to expand their knowledge of pleasure, sexual health and wellness,” says Wade Ulrich, Fairvilla CEO. “We are extremely excited to extend this new learning opportunity to our customers.”

Upcoming Fairvilla University classes will be posted on fairvilla.com. The first class, “The Anatomy of Male Pleasure,” is offered at no cost, but future classes are $15 per session.