Pleasure product and sexual enhancement supplier Freedom Novelties is now shipping OTouch products worldwide. Eight popular masturbation sleeves with different shapes and sizes can be ordered directly through Freedom Novelties’ B2B website. Retailers and distributors can request login credentials by emailing

OTouch masturbators are textured to stimulate and tease the nerve endings of the penis and give a unique feeling that cannot be achieved with a hand alone. The line has heating, vibration, and suction functions, including an oral sex simulation design patent, and a stroker with lifelike, skin realistic vaginal contraction.

OTouch offers masturbator sleeves which are soft, body-safe TPR to mimic real skin for the inner sleeve. Specially engineered studs are embedded in the sleeve to generate a unique, tingling sensation around the penis for a more enjoyable orgasm. Each of the OTouch canals varies in length, tightness, and thickness, which allows a user to choose the dimension and texture they desire for a truly satisfying experience. Many OTouch masturbators have openings that are shaped to resemble a vagina, mouth, or anus.

“I’m very excited to get OTouch into customer’s hands, literally,” says Brian Herbstman of Freedom Novelties. “This brand is already well established and has a very unique product line. It is an honor to collaborate with them and help broaden their reach. The secret of OTouch’s success lies in its vision of innovation and creativity, two key elements in the development of pleasure products with the ultimate goal of providing the most mind-blowing experience.”

The founders at OTouch have employed a team of scientists and health experts to design quality products that provide the most advanced experience at an affordable price. Research has shown that masturbation is beneficial and provides real solutions to those who struggle with sexual arousal and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Retailers interested in OTouch, SNAIL VIBE, FRÖHLE, Tango, or any of the lines carried by Freedom Novelties may find more information at, or send an email to requesting login credentials.